Actes du 18e CIMSG

Actes du 18e Congrès International de Mécanique des Sols et de Géotechnique 18th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering


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ISSMGE – The State of the Society (2009-2013)

Briaud J.-L.

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8th Terzaghi Oration - Protecting society from landslides – the role of the geotechnical engineer

Lacasse S.

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Bishop Lecture - Advanced laboratory testing in research and practice

Jardine R. J.

Télécharger le document (35-54.pdf)

Ishihara Lecture - Soil–Foundation–Structure Systems Beyond Conventional Seismic Failure Thresholds

Gazetas G.

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Kerisel Lecture - The role of Geotechnical Engineers in saving monuments and historic sites

Calabresi G.

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McClelland Lecture - Analytical contributions to offshore geotechnical engineering

Randolph M. F.

Télécharger le document (85-105.pdf)

Ménard Lecture - The pressuremeter test: Expanding its use

Briaud J.-L.

Télécharger le document (107-126.pdf)

Rowe Lecture - The role of diffusion in environmental geotechnics

Shackelford C.

Télécharger le document (127-150.pdf)

Schofield Lecture - Centrifuge modelling: expecting the unexpected

Bolton M. D.

Télécharger le document (151.pdf)

Enjeux géotechniques pour la construction du métro automatique « Grand Paris Express »

Fluteaux V.

Télécharger le document (155-162.pdf)

French Innovations in Geotechnics: the National Research Projects

Schlosser F., Plumelle C., Frank R., Puech A., Gonin H., Rocher-Lacoste F., Simon B., Bernardini C.

Télécharger le document (163-182.pdf)

The new Bugis Station and associated tunnels for the Singapore MRT

Sim A.

Télécharger le document (183-188.pdf)

General Report of TC 101 - Session I - Laboratory testing of geomaterials: Time effects and other peculiar observations

Ibraim E.

Télécharger le document (191-198.pdf)

Engineering properties of an expansive soil

Azam S., Ito M., Chowdhury R.

Télécharger le document (199-202.pdf)

Methods of determination of K0 in overconsolidated clay

Boháč J., Mašín D., Malát R., Novák V., Rott J.

Télécharger le document (203-206.pdf)

Stress-path effects on the grading of an artificial material with crushable grains

Casini F., Leu J., Low B., Wanninger F., Zimmermann A., Zwicker P., Springman S.M., Viggiani G.M.B.

Télécharger le document (207-210.pdf)

Characteristics of structure evolution of expansive soil and loess during loading and wetting

Chen Z.

Télécharger le document (211-214.pdf)

Misconceptions about experimental substantiation of creep hypothesis A

Degago S.A., Grimstad G., Jostad H.P., Nordal S.

Télécharger le document (215-218.pdf)

The relationship between swelling and shear strength properties of bentonites

Domitrovič D., Kovačević Zelić B.

Télécharger le document (219-222.pdf)

Reappraisal of Surcharging to Reduce Secondary Compression

Feng T.W.

Télécharger le document (223-226.pdf)

Size effects due to grain crushing in rockfill shear strength

Frossard E., Ovalle C., Dano C., Hicher P-Y., Maiolino S., Hu W.

Télécharger le document (227-230.pdf)

Electro-osmotic consolidation: Laboratory tests and numerical simulation

Hu L., Wu H., Wen Q.

Télécharger le document (231-234.pdf)

Creep characteristics of clay in one-dimensional compression with unloading/reloading cycles

Kawabe S., Tatsuoka F.

Télécharger le document (235-238.pdf)

Comparison of the geotechnical properties of pumice sand from Japan and New Zealand

Kikkawa N., Pender M.J., Orense R.P.

Télécharger le document (239-242.pdf)

Evaluation of Consolidation Behavior of Soils under Radial Drainage Condition Using Digital Image Analysis

Kim J.-Y., Chung C.-K., Cho N.-G., Yune C.-Y.

Télécharger le document (243-246.pdf)

Mise au point d’un dispositif expérimental pour l’analyse du retrait-gonflement des sols argileux

Maison T., Laouafa F., Delalain P.

Télécharger le document (247-250.pdf)

Residual shear strength behavior of swelling soils

Markou I.N.

Télécharger le document (251-254.pdf)

Rational expression of time-dependent behavior from normally consolidated soil to naturally deposited soil

Nakai T., Shahin H.M., Kyokawa H.

Télécharger le document (255-258.pdf)

Swelling quantification of overconsolidated soils at excavation base

Petit G., Virollet M., Bernard Ph.

Télécharger le document (259-262.pdf)

Rate effects at varying strain levels in fine grained soils

Robinson S., Brown M.J.

Télécharger le document (263-266.pdf)

Comparison of Stress-Strain Behaviour of Carbonate and Silicate Sediments

Safinus S., Hossain M.S., Randolph M.F.

Télécharger le document (267-270.pdf)

A new test field in sulphide clay with test embankments for study of compression properties

Westerberg B., Andersson M.

Télécharger le document (271-274.pdf)

Laboratory testing issues related to crushable sands

Wils L., Van Impe W.F., Haegeman W., Van Impe P.O.

Télécharger le document (275-278.pdf)

Non-coaxial behaviour of sand in drained rotational shear

Yang L.-T., Yu H.-S., Wanatowski D., Li X.

Télécharger le document (279-282.pdf)

Test study and constitutive modelling of the time-dependent stress-strain behavior of soils

Yin J.-H., Tong F.

Télécharger le document (283-286.pdf)

Special Features of Creep of Clayey Soils

Zhakulin A.S., Zhakulina A.A., Orazaly E.E., Orazalin Z.Y.

Télécharger le document (287-290.pdf)

General Report - Session II - Laboratory Testing of Geomaterials: Strength Properties and Treated Soil

Kim D.-S.

Télécharger le document (293-299.pdf)

Triaxial testing of asphalt

Airey D., Prathapa R.

Télécharger le document (301-304.pdf)

Bounding surface plasticity model parameters for Bagdad soils

Al-Farouk O., Al-Damluji S., Al-Shakarchi Y.J., Albusoda B.S.

Télécharger le document (305-308.pdf)

The December 29th 2010 Xerolakka Municipal Solid Waste landfill failure

Athanasopoulos G., Vlachakis V., Zekkos D., Spiliotopoulos G.

Télécharger le document (309-312.pdf)

Shear Strength and Deformation Modulus of Tailing Sands under High Pressures

Campaña J., Bard E., Verdugo R.

Télécharger le document (313-316.pdf)

A Comparison Between the Shear Strength Measured with Direct Shear and Triaxial Devices on Undisturbed and Remolded Soils

Castellanos B.A., Brandon T.L.

Télécharger le document (317-320.pdf)

Experimental analysis of the mechanical properties of artificially cemented soils and their evolution in time

Consoli N.C., Fonini A., Maghous S., Schnaid F., Viana da Fonseca A.

Télécharger le document (321-324.pdf)

Influence of diatom microfossils on soil compressibility

Díaz-Rodríguez J.A., González-Rodríguez R.

Télécharger le document (325-328.pdf)

Strength properties of densely compacted cement-mixed gravelly soil

Ezaoui A., Tatsuoka F., Furusawa S., Hirao K., Kataoka T.

Télécharger le document (329-332.pdf)

Tensile Strength of Lightly Cemented Sand through Indentation Tests

Ge L., Yang K.-H.

Télécharger le document (333-335.pdf)

Mechanisms During Formation of Ice Lenses and Suction in Freezing Soils

Herzog F., Boley C.

Télécharger le document (337-340.pdf)

Small strain behavior of a lime-treated soil

Hibouche A., Taibi S., Fleureau J.-M., Herrier G.

Télécharger le document (341-344.pdf)

A Key Parameter for Strength Control of Lightweight Cemented Clays

Horpibulsuk S., Suddeepong A., Chinkulkijniwat A.

Télécharger le document (345-348.pdf)

Some notes concerning the dry density testing standards

Imre E., Lőrincz J., Gerendai E, Szalkai R, Lins Y., Schanz T.

Télécharger le document (349-352.pdf)

Interpretation of stress-dependent mechanical behaviour of rockfill materials

Jannati Aghdam R., Soroush A.

Télécharger le document (353-356.pdf)

Effects of Freeze-Thaw History on Deformation-Strength Properties and Permeability of Fine-Grained Soil

Kawaguchi T., Nakamura D., Yamashita S., Yamasaki S., Ishikawa T.

Télécharger le document (357-360.pdf)

Characterization of geomechanical and hydraulic properties of non-wettable sands

Kim D., Yang H.-J., Yun T.S., Kim B., Kato S., Park S.-W.

Télécharger le document (361-364.pdf)

The strength change characteristics of weathering soil due to repeat freezing-thawing and drying-wetting

Kim Y.S., Seong J.H., Kim S.S

Télécharger le document (365-368.pdf)

Soil structure in gravel-mixed sand specimen and its influence on mechanical behavior

Kodaka T., Cui Y., Mori S., Kanematsu Y., Lee K.-T.

Télécharger le document (369-372.pdf)

The expansive properties of Poland’s clay subsoil

Kumor M. K.

Télécharger le document (373-376.pdf)

Behaviour for Granular Materials

K Lee J., Park D., Kyung D., Lee D.

Télécharger le document (377-380.pdf)

Duncan-Chang - Parameters for Hyperbolic Stress Strain Behaviour of Soft Bangkok Clay

Likitlersuang S., Surarak C., Balasubramania A., Oh E., Syeung Ryull K,. Wanatowski D.

Télécharger le document (381-384.pdf)

Laboratory investigation of seismic effects of nanoparticle dispersions in saturated granular media

Luke B., Werkema D., Andersen S.

Télécharger le document (385-388.pdf)

The SCS Double Hydrometer Test in dispersive soil identification

Maharaj A., Paige-Green P.

Télécharger le document (389-392.pdf)

Correlation between deflections measurements on flexible pavements obtained under static and dynamic load techniques

Murillo Feo C.A., Bejarano Urrego L.E.

Télécharger le document (393-398.pdf)

Comparison of permeability testing methods

Nagy L., Takács A., Huszák T., Mahler A., Varga G.

Télécharger le document (399-402.pdf)

Oscillation of Acceleration Accompanying Shear Band and Subsequent Time-Dependent Behavior in Overconsolidated Clay under Undrained Plane-Strain Conditions

Noda T., Xu B.

Télécharger le document (403-406.pdf)

Behavior of fine-grained soils compacted with high shear stresses

Perez N., Garnica P., Mendoza I., Reyes M.A

Télécharger le document (407-410.pdf)

Influence of Minerals on the Elastic Behaviour of Cohesive Soil

Sarma D., Sarma M.D.

Télécharger le document (411-413.pdf)

Experimental Analysis on the Influence of Surcharge Filters on Safety Against Hydraulic Heave

Schober P., Boley C.

Télécharger le document (415-418.pdf)

Coupled THM mechanical model for porous materials under freezing condition

Shin H., Ahn J.-H., Kim Y.-T., Lee S.-R.

Télécharger le document (419-422.pdf)

Correlation between drained shear strength and plasticity index of undisturbed overconsolidated clays

Sorensen K.K., Okkels N.

Télécharger le document (423-428.pdf)

Mechanisms of binder interactions and their role in strengthening Kuttanad clay

Suganya K., Sivapullaiah P.V.

Télécharger le document (429-432.pdf)

Hardening process of clayey soils with high water content due to thixotropy effect

Tanaka H., Seng S.

Télécharger le document (433-436.pdf)

Comparative study of long-term consolidation for subsoils under Kansai Airport and Pisa Tower

Watabe Y., Sassa S., Udaka K.

Télécharger le document (437-440.pdf)

Settlement and shear strength of uncemented coal mine overburden materials placed loose under dry and wet conditions

Williams D.J., Kho A.K.

Télécharger le document (441-444.pdf)

Anisotropic strength ratio and plasticity index of natural clays

Won J.Y.

Télécharger le document (445-448.pdf)

Hydraulic Heave in Cohesive Soils

Wudtke R.-B., Witt K.J.

Télécharger le document (449-452.pdf)

Evaluation of sample disturbance due to the exsolution of dissolved gas in the pore water of deep lake bottom sediments

Yamashita S., Miura R., Kataoka S.

Télécharger le document (453-456.pdf)

Fabric and critical state of granular materials

Yan W.M., Zhang L.

Télécharger le document (457-460.pdf)

Study on New Method of Accelerated Clay Creep Characteristics Test

Ye Y., Zhang Q., Cai D., Chen F., Yao J., Wang L.

Télécharger le document (461-464.pdf)

Constitutive model and simulation of non-segregation freezing and thawing in soils

Zhang Y., Michalowski R.L.

Télécharger le document (465-468.pdf)

General Report for TC102 In-Situ Testing

Giacheti H.L., Cunha R.P.

Télécharger le document (471-478.pdf)

Challenging Problems of Gypseous Soils in Iraq

Al-Saoudi N.K.S., Al-Khafaji A.N., Al-Mosawi M.J.

Télécharger le document (479-482.pdf)

Site characterization by seismic dilatometer (SDMT): the Justice Court of Chieti

Amoroso S., Totani F., Totani G.

Télécharger le document (483-486.pdf)

Obtaining the Ménard a Rheological Factor in a Pressiorama® Diagram

Baud J.-P., Gambin M.

Télécharger le document (487-490.pdf)

Stress-Strain Hyperbolic Curves Obtained With a Selfboring Ménard PMT

Baud J.-P., Gambin M., Schlosser F.

Télécharger le document (491-494.pdf)

Quality control of Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) technology – a case study

Bellato D., Simonini P., Grisolia M., Leder E., Marzano I.P.

Télécharger le document (495-498.pdf)

Dynamic measurements of the penetration test – Determination of the tip’s dynamic load-penetration curve

Benz M.A., Escobar E., Gourvès R., Haddani Y., Breul P., Bacconnet C.

Télécharger le document (499-502.pdf)

Performance of a deep excavation in downtown Toronto

Cao L.F., Peaker S.M., Ahmad S.

Télécharger le document (503-506.pdf)

Permeability scale effect in sandy aquifers: a few case studies

Chapuis R.P.

Télécharger le document (507-510.pdf)

A Study of Cuttability Indices for Tunnel Penetration

Chen L.-H., Chen Y.-C., Chen W.-C., Liu H.-W.

Télécharger le document (511-513.pdf)

Survey results of damaged areas in flood disaster of typhoon Morakot and suggestions for restoration projects

Chou J.C., Huang C.R., Shou K.J.

Télécharger le document (515-518.pdf)

Stability of chilean’s tailings dams with the Panda® penetrometer. Experiences of the last 10th

Espinace R., Villavicencio G., Palma J., Breul P., Bacconnet C., Benz M.A., Gourvès R.

Télécharger le document (519-522.pdf)

Site Sampling: Assessing Residual Uncertainty

Fenton G.A., Hicks M.A.

Télécharger le document (523-526.pdf)

Multi-Sleeve Axial-Torsional-Piezo Friction Penetration System for Subsurface Characterization

Frost J. D., Martinez A.

Télécharger le document (527-530.pdf)

Hydraulic Properties of Glacial Deposits Based on Large Scale Site Investigation

Galaa A., Manzari M., Hamilton B.

Télécharger le document (531-534.pdf)

The seismic SPT test in a tropical soil and the G0/N ratio

Giacheti H.L., Pedrini R.A.A., B.P. Rocha B.P.

Télécharger le document (535-538.pdf)

Compressibility Parameters of Cohesive Soils From Piezocone

Hamza M., Shahien M.

Télécharger le document (539-542.pdf)

Behaviour of soil foundation improved by rigid columns, supporting a wind turbine

Haza-Rozier E., Vinceslas G., Le Kouby A., Crochemore O.

Télécharger le document (543-546.pdf)

Seismic Response of Superstructure on Soft Soil Considering Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction

Hokmabadi A.S., Fatahi B., Samali B.

Télécharger le document (547-550.pdf)

Applicability of the RNK-method for geotechnical 3D-modelling in soft rocks

Ivšić T., Ortolan Ž., Kavur B.

Télécharger le document (551-554.pdf)

A new probe for measuring the pressuremeter limit pressure of soils without extrapolation

Jacquard C., Rispal M., Puech A., Geisler J., Durand F., Cour F., Burlon S., Reiffsteck P.

Télécharger le document (555-558.pdf)

Long-term Deformation of the Reclaimed Pleistocene Foundation of the Offshore Twin Airport

Jeon B.G., Mimura M.

Télécharger le document (559-562.pdf)

Assessment of Scour Potential of a Circular Pier in Silty Sand Using ISEEP

Kayser M., Gabr M.

Télécharger le document (563-566.pdf)

Practical Reviews on CO Sequestration in Korean Sedimentary Basins and Geophysical Responses of CO -injected Sediments

Kim A.R., Cho G.C., Kwon T.H., Chang I.H.

Télécharger le document (567-570.pdf)

Using Multi-scale Sediment Monitoring Techniques to Evaluate Remediation Effectiveness of the Tsengwen Reservoir Watershed after Sediment Disasters Induced by Typhoon Morakot

Lin B.-S., Ho H.-C., Hsiao C.-Y., Keck J., Chen C.-Y., Chi S.-Y., Chien Y.-D., Tsai M.-F.

Télécharger le document (571-574.pdf)

Practice and development of the piezocone penetration test (CPTu) in geotechnical engineering of China

Liu S., Cai G., Du Y., Puppala A.J.

Télécharger le document (575-578.pdf)

The use of hydro test results for design of steel tanks on stone column improved ground - a case history

Matešić L., Mihaljević I., Grget G., Kvasnička P.

Télécharger le document (579-582.pdf)

Interrelationship between deformation moduli from CPTU and SDMT tests for overconsolidated soils

Młynarek Z., Gogolik S., Sanglerat G.

Télécharger le document (583-586.pdf)

The Geomechameter test, a new in-situ apparatus adapted to the measurement of the hydro-mechanical characteristics of the soil

Monnet J.

Télécharger le document (587-590.pdf)

Analytical approach for determining soil shear strength parameters from CPT and CPTu data

Motaghedi H., Eslami A., Shakeran M.

Télécharger le document (591-594.pdf)

Use of penetration testing for determination of soil properties in earth dam

Mulabdic M.

Télécharger le document (595-598.pdf)

Diagnosis of earth-fills and reliability-based design

Nishimura S., Shuku T., Suzuki M.

Télécharger le document (599-602.pdf)

Correlation between cone penetration rate and measured cone penetration parameters in silty soils

Poulsen R., Nielsen B.N., Ibsen L.B.

Télécharger le document (603-606.pdf)

Sampling method and pore water pressure measurement in the great depth (-400m)

Rito F., Emura T.

Télécharger le document (607-610.pdf)

Soils sensibility classification method from piezocone data

Serratrice J.-F.

Télécharger le document (611-614.pdf)

Correction of soil design parameters for the calculation of the foundation based on the results of barrettes static load test

Shulyatiev O., Dzagov A., Bokov I., Shuliatev S.

Télécharger le document (615-618.pdf)

Characterization and Settlement Modeling of Deep Inert Debris Fills

Somasundaram S., Khilnani K., Shenthan T., Irvine J.

Télécharger le document (619-622.pdf)

Site Characterization for the HZM Immersed Tunnel

Steenfelt J.S., Yding S., Rosborg A., Hansen J.G., Yu R.

Télécharger le document (623-628.pdf)

Controversial and Contradictory Evaluations in Analyses of Ground Vibrations from Pile Driving

Svinkin M.R.

Télécharger le document (629-632.pdf)

CPT/PCPT- Based Organic Material Profiling

Tümay M.T., Hatipkarasulu Y., Marx E.R., Cotton B.

Télécharger le document (633-636.pdf)

Geotechnical Challenge for Total Cost Reduction related to Construction of Connecting Bridge with Pile Foundations

Yasufuku N., Ochiai H., Maeda Y.

Télécharger le document (637-640.pdf)

Dynamic CBR as a method of embankment compaction assessment

Zabielska-Adamska K., Sulewska M.J.

Télécharger le document (641-644.pdf)

General Report of TC103 Numerical Methods

Chau K.T.

Télécharger le document (647-654.pdf)

Equivalent pier theory for piled raft design

Balakumar V., Huang M., Oh E., Balasubramaniam A.S.

Télécharger le document (655-658.pdf)

Interprétation d’essais d’extraction de renforcements métalliques haute adhérence dans un massif en Terre Armée® soumis à un chargement dynamique cyclique

Bennani Y., Soyez L., Freitag N.

Télécharger le document (659-662.pdf)

On non-coaxial stress-dilatancy theories

Biru A., Benz T.

Télécharger le document (663-666.pdf)

On the geometry of plastic potential surfaces and isochoric stress paths

Biru A., Benz T., Nordal S.

Télécharger le document (667-671.pdf)

Numerical modelling of soil-pile interaction and evaluation of dynamic impedances

Breugnot A., Allagnat D., Baguelin F., Schlosser F., Osmani E., Servant C.

Télécharger le document (673-676.pdf)

Validation of geotechnical finite element analysis

Brinkgreve R.B.J., Engin E.

Télécharger le document (677-682.pdf)

Evaluation of the efficiency of different ground improvement techniques

Bryson S., El Naggar H.

Télécharger le document (683-686.pdf)

Large deformation and post-failure simulations of segmental retaining walls using mesh-free method (SPH)

Bui H.H., Kodikara J.A, Pathegama R., Bouazza A., Haque A.

Télécharger le document (687-690.pdf)

Comparative Study on EQWEAP Analysis with 2D/3D FE Solutions

Chang D.-W., Wang Y.-C., Wu W.-L., Chin C.-T.

Télécharger le document (691-694.pdf)

Large-Scale Geotechnical Finite Element Analysis on Desktop PCs

Chaudhary K.B., Phoon K.K., Toh K.C.

Télécharger le document (695-698.pdf)

Calibration of a modified hardening soil model for kakiritic rocks

Dong W., Anagnostou G.

Télécharger le document (699-702.pdf)

Numerical investigations of shear strain localization in an elasto-plastic Cosserat material

Ebrahimian B., Noorzad A.

Télécharger le document (703-706.pdf)

Effect of Excavation-induced Movements on Adjacent Piles

Elkady T.

Télécharger le document (707-710.pdf)

Finite Element Modelling of D-wall Supported Excavations

Everaars M.J.C., Peters M.G.J.M.

Télécharger le document (711-714.pdf)

3D simulation of overtopping erosion on embankments by shallow-water approximation

Fujisawa K., Murakami A.

Télécharger le document (715-718.pdf)

Numerical Investigations on Vibratory Sheet Piling in Embankments using a Multi-Phase Material

Hamann T., Grabe J.

Télécharger le document (719-722.pdf)

Combined computational-experimental Laboratory Testing for Soil Behavior Modeling

Hashash Y.M.A., Asmar R., Moon S.

Télécharger le document (723-726.pdf)

Numerical analysis on prediction for residual deformation of earth structure using rigid plastic dynamic deformation analysis

Hoshina T., Isobe K.

Télécharger le document (727-730.pdf)

Undrained bearing capacity of spatially random clays by finite elements and limit analysis

Huang J., Lyamin A.V., Griffiths D.V., Sloan S.W., Krabbenhoft K., Fenton G.A.

Télécharger le document (731-734.pdf)

On the use of waste rock inclusions to improve the performance of tailings impoundments

James M., Aubertin M., Bussière B.

Télécharger le document (735-738.pdf)

Numerical modelling and control of seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers

Javadi A.A., Hussain M.S., Abd-Elhamid H.F., Sherif M.M.

Télécharger le document (739-742.pdf)

Computer Simulation of Levee’s Erosion and Overtopping

Kamalzare M., Zimmie T.F., Han T.S., McMullan M., Cutler B., Franklin W.R.

Télécharger le document (743-746.pdf)

Using 3D numerical solutions for the simplified modelling of interaction of soil and elongated structures

Kholmyansky M.L., Sheynin V.I.

Télécharger le document (747-750.pdf)

3D Dynamic Numerical Modeling for Soil-Pile-Structure Interaction in Centrifuge Tests

Kwon S.-Y., Kim M.-M., Kim S.-H., Choi J.-I

Télécharger le document (751-754.pdf)

Two methods for estimating excess pore pressure in LEM

Lehtonen V., Länsivaara T.

Télécharger le document (755-758.pdf)

Comparison of 3D Finite Element Slopes Stability with 3D Limit Equilibrium Analysis

Lu H.H., Xu L.M., Fredlund M.D., Fredlund D.G.

Télécharger le document (759-761.pdf)

Modelling of soil-structure interaction for seismic analyses of the Izmit Bay Bridge

Lyngs J. H., Kasper T., Bertelsen K.S.

Télécharger le document (763-768.pdf)

Numerical Analysis of a Tunnel Intersection

Mayoral J.M., Román-de la Sancha A., Osorio L., Martínez S.

Télécharger le document (769-772.pdf)

Numerical Evaluation of the Behavior of Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls

Mirmoradi S.H., Ehrlich M.

Télécharger le document (773-776.pdf)

Application of Genetic Algorithms with Hill Climbing Procedure to a Constitutive Model for Hard Soils and Soft Rocks

Pereira C., Caldeira L., Maranha das Neves E., Cardoso R.

Télécharger le document (777-780.pdf)

Analytically and experimentally based resistance factors for “full-flow” penetrometers

Pinkert S., Klar A.

Télécharger le document (781-783.pdf)

Analysis of ettringite attack to stabilized railway bases and embankments

Ramon A., Alonso E.E.

Télécharger le document (785-788.pdf)

The influence of buildings and ground stratification on tunnel lining loads using finite element method

Rezaei A.H., Katebi H., Hajialilue-Bonab M., Hosseini B.

Télécharger le document (789-792.pdf)

Numerical Investigation of The Mobilization of Active Earth Pressure on Retaining Walls

Sadrekarimi A., Damavandinejad Monfared S.

Télécharger le document (793-796.pdf)

Artificial intelligence for modeling load-settlement response of axially loaded (steel) driven piles

Shahin M.A.

Télécharger le document (797-800.pdf)

A visco-elasto-plastic multi-surface cyclic model

Siddiquee, S.A., Islam K.

Télécharger le document (801-804.pdf)

The design and construction of temporary works for Limerick Immersed Tube Tunnel

Smith A.K.C., Thorup O., Hudson J.

Télécharger le document (805-808.pdf)

The application of the Iwan soil model on a deep excavation

Sokolić I., Szavits-Nossan A.

Télécharger le document (809-812.pdf)

Numerical modelling of desiccation crack induced permeability

Stirling R.A., Davie C.T., Glendinning S.

Télécharger le document (813-816.pdf)

The tip resistance in layered soils during static penetration

Sturm H.

Télécharger le document (817-820.pdf)

Measured and Simulated Interactions between Kenaf Geogrid Limited Life Geosynthetics (LLGs) and Silty Sand Backfill

Tanchaisawat T., Bergado D.T., Artidteang S.

Télécharger le document (821-824.pdf)

Interaction between structures and compressible subsoils considered in light of soil mechanics and structural mechanics

Ulitsky V.M., Shashkin A.G., Shashkin K.G., Vasenin V.A., Lisyuk M.B., Dashko R.E.

Télécharger le document (825-828.pdf)

Rapid Drawdown Analysis using Strength Reduction

VandenBerge D.R., Duncan J.M., Brandon T.L.

Télécharger le document (829-832.pdf)

Validation of computational liquefaction in plane strain

Wanatowski D., Shuttle D.A., Jefferies M.G.

Télécharger le document (833-836.pdf)

Analysis of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of Single Pile Using the Artificial Neural Networks Approach - A Case Study

Wardani S.P.R., Surjandari N.S., Jajaputra A.A.

Télécharger le document (837-840.pdf)

Simulation of Delayed Failure in Naturally Deposited Clay Ground by Soil-water Coupled Finite Deformation Analysis Taking Inertial Forces into Consideration

Yamada S., Noda T.

Télécharger le document (841-844.pdf)

An elastic-viscous-plastic modeling of time-dependent behaviors of overconsolidated clays

Yao Y.P., Kong L.M.

Télécharger le document (845-848.pdf)

Failure Modes for Geosynthetic Reinforced Column Supported (GRCS)

Yapage N.N.S., Liyanapathirana D.S., Leo C.J.

Télécharger le document (849-852.pdf)

The Material Point Method: A promising computational tool in Geotechnics

Yerro A., Alonso E., Pinyol N.

Télécharger le document (853-856.pdf)

Development of excess pore-water pressure in thawing process of frozen subgrade soils: Based on analytical solutions and finite element method.

Yesuf G.Y., Hoff I., Vaslestad J.

Télécharger le document (857-860.pdf)

Prediction of stress and strain for the seabed and production well during methane hydrate exploitation in turbidite reservoir

Yoneda J.

Télécharger le document (861-864.pdf)

General Report for TC104 - Physical Modelling in Geotechnics

White D.J., Gaudin C., Take W.A.

Télécharger le document (867-873.pdf)

Centrifuge model tests on foundation on geosynthetic reinforced slope

Aklik P., Wu W.

Télécharger le document (875-878.pdf)

Loading behaviour of flexible raft foundations in full scale and centrifuge models

Arnold A., Laue J.

Télécharger le document (879-882.pdf)

Investigation on the dynamic properties of saturated sand-tire chips mixture by shaking table

Bahadori H., Manafi S.

Télécharger le document (883-886.pdf)

The influence of the g-level for anchor tests in sand

Bezuijen A., Zwaan R., Lottum van H.

Télécharger le document (887-890.pdf)

An experimental study on the consolidation of soft clayey soils using electrochemical methods

Cardoso R., Nogueira Santos J.

Télécharger le document (891-894.pdf)

Variation of Friction Angle and Dilatancy For Anisotropic Cohesionless Soils

Cinicioglu O., Abadkon A., Altunbas A., Abzal M.

Télécharger le document (895-898.pdf)

Centrifuge Modeling of Seismic Soil-Structure-Interaction and Lateral Earth Pressures for Large Near-Surface Underground Structures

Dashti S., Hushmand A., Ghayoomi M., McCartney J.S., Zhang M., Hushmand B., Mokarram N., Bastani A., Davis C., Lee Y., Hu J.

Télécharger le document (899-902.pdf)

Evaluation of Seismic Earth Pressure Reduction using EPS Geofoam

Dave T.N., Dasaka S.M., Khan N., Murali Krishna A.

Télécharger le document (903-906.pdf)

Analysis of an adaptive foundation system for embankments on soft soils by means of physical and numerical modelling

Detert O., Alexiew D., Schanz T., König D.

Télécharger le document (907-910.pdf)

Reliability analysis of empirical predictive models for earthquake-induced sliding displacements of slopes

Fotopoulou S., Pitilakis K.

Télécharger le document (911-914.pdf)

Development of pore water pressure around a stone column

Gautray J., Laue J., Springman S.M., Almeida M.

Télécharger le document (915-918.pdf)

Large scale 1-g shake table model test on the response of a stiff pile group to liquefaction induced lateral spreading

Haeri S.M., Kavand A., Asefzadeh A., Rahmani I.

Télécharger le document (919-922.pdf)

Dynamic centrifugal model test for unsaturated embankments considering seepage flow and the numerical analysis

Higo Y., Oka F., Kimoto S., Kinugawa T., Lee C.-W., Doi T.

Télécharger le document (923-926.pdf)

Development of a three-dimensional small scale model to simulate soil improvement by rigid piles

Houda M., Jenck O., Emeriault F., Briançon L., Gotteland Ph.

Télécharger le document (927-930.pdf)

Full-scale field validation of innovative dike monitoring systems

Koelewijn A.R., Vries (de) G., Lottum van H.

Télécharger le document (931-934.pdf)

Physical modeling of the vibration mitigation by an isolating screen

Masoumi H., Vanhonacker P.

Télécharger le document (935-938.pdf)

The Drained Strength of Soft Clays with Partially Penetrating Sand Columns at Different Area Replacement Ratios

Najjar S., Sadek S., Bou Lattouf H.

Télécharger le document (939-942.pdf)

Physical modeling of arch action in undercut slopes with actual engineering practice to Mae Moh open-pit mine of Thailand

Pipatpongsa T., Khosravi M.H., Takemura J.

Télécharger le document (943-946.pdf)

Critical State Modelling of Soil-Structure Interface for Advanced Design

Sarma D., Sarma M.D

Télécharger le document (947-952.pdf)

A Study on the Influence of Ground Water Level on Foundation Settlement in Cohesionless Soil

Shahriar M.A., Sivakugan N., Urquhart A., Tapiolas M., Das B.M.

Télécharger le document (953-956.pdf)

Water injection aided pile jacking centrifuge experiments in sand

Shepley P., Bolton M.D.

Télécharger le document (957-960.pdf)

Shear Behaviour of Rock Joints under CNS Boundary Conditions

Shrivastava A.K., Rao K.S.

Télécharger le document (961-964.pdf)

Experimental study on compaction grouting method for liquefiable soil using centrifuge test and X-ray tomography

Takano D., Morikawa Y., Nishimura S., Takehana K.

Télécharger le document (965-968.pdf)

A model study of strains under footings supported by floating and end-bearing granular columns

Tekin M., Ergun M.U.

Télécharger le document (969-972.pdf)

Physical modelling of blocking phenomenon, by injection of a clogging product, of water flow through soils

Truong Q.Q., Dupla J.-C., Canou J., Chevalier C., Chopin M., Fry J.J.

Télécharger le document (973-976.pdf)

Hydraulic conductivity and small-strain stiffness of a cement-bentonite sample exposed to sulphates

Verástegui-Flores R.D., Di Emidio G., Bezuijen A.

Télécharger le document (977-980.pdf)

Centrifuge modelling of bored piles in sands

Williamson M.G., Elshafie M.Z.E.B., Mair R.J.

Télécharger le document (981-984.pdf)

Stability and performance of ground improvement using geocell mattresses under extreme weather

Xu Y., Wang J.P.

Télécharger le document (985-988.pdf)

General Report of TC 105 - Geomechanics through the scales

Viggiani G.

Télécharger le document (991-998.pdf)

Grain-scale experimental investigation of shear banding in sand

Andò E., Desrues J., Bésuelle P., Viggiani G., Hall S.

Télécharger le document (999-1002.pdf)

Modelling crushing of granular materials as a poly-disperse mixture

Caicedo B., Ocampo M., Vallejo L.

Télécharger le document (1003-1006.pdf)

Behaviour of a compacted silty sand under constant water content shearing

Heitor A., Rujikiatkamjorn C., Indraratna B.

Télécharger le document (1007-1010.pdf)

Shear Strength and Deformation of Methane Hydrate Bearing Sand with Fines

Hyodo M., Yoshimoto N., Kato A., Yoneda J.

Télécharger le document (1011-1014.pdf)

A Simplified Contact Model for Sandy Grains Cemented with Methane Hydrate

Jiang M., Liu F., Zhu F., Xiao Y.

Télécharger le document (1015-1018.pdf)

Macro- and micro-FE modelling of wellbore damage due to drilling and coring processes

Khoa H.D.V., Grande L., Jostad H.P.

Télécharger le document (1019-1022.pdf)

Three dimensional discrete element simulation of trapdoor unloading and gravity flow of sandy granular material

Kikkawa N., Itoh K., Toyosawa Y., Pender M.J., Orense R.P.

Télécharger le document (1023-1026.pdf)

Microstructural changes leading to chemically enhanced drainage

Minder P., Puzrin A.M.

Télécharger le document (1027-1030.pdf)

Discrete Element Method Study of Shear Wave Propagation in Granular Soil

Ning Z., Evans T.M.

Télécharger le document (1031-1034.pdf)

Microscopic observation on compacted sandy soil using micro-focus X-ray CT

Otani J., Mukunoki T., Takano D., Chevalier B.

Télécharger le document (1035-1038.pdf)

Study of relative permeability variation during unsteady flow in saturated reservoir rock using Lattice Boltzmann method

Pak A., Sheikh B.

Télécharger le document (1039-1042.pdf)

Uniform effective stress equation for soil mechanics

Shao L.-T., Liu G., Guo X.-X.

Télécharger le document (1043-1046.pdf)

Particulate Modeling of Sand Slurry Flow Retardation

Tomac I., Gutierrez M.

Télécharger le document (1047-1050.pdf)

A Coupled Analysis of Fluid-Particle Interactions in Granular Soils

Zhao J., Shan T.

Télécharger le document (1051-1054.pdf)

Experimental study of resilient modulus of unsaturated soil at different temperatures

Zhou C., Ng C.W.W.

Télécharger le document (1055-1058.pdf)

General Report of TC 106 - Unsaturated soils

Jommi C.

Télécharger le document (1061-1068.pdf)

A simple approach for predicting vertical movements of expansive soils using the mechanics of unsaturated soils

Adem H.H., Vanapalli S.K.

Télécharger le document (1069-1072.pdf)

Impact of the hygrometry on the swelling soil cracking

Auvray R., Rosin-Paumier S., Abdallah A., Masrouri F.

Télécharger le document (1073-1076.pdf)

One-dimensional cracking model in clayey soils

Ávila G., Ledesma A., Lloret A.

Télécharger le document (1077-1080.pdf)

Experimental Study on Effect of Initial Moisture Content on Compressive Property of Compacted Loess Like Silt

Bai X., Yang J., Ma F.

Télécharger le document (1081-1084.pdf)

Evolution of microstructure during desiccation of oil sands mature fine tailings

Bajwa T, Simms P.

Télécharger le document (1085-1088.pdf)

Evaluation of void ratio and elastic modulus of unsaturated soil using elastic waves

Byun Y.H., Lee J.S., Cho S.H., Yoon H.K.

Télécharger le document (1089-1092.pdf)

Evaluation Curves SWCC for Tropical Peruvian Soils

Carrillo-Gil A., Carrillo-Acevedo A.

Télécharger le document (1093-1096.pdf)

Finite element analysis of embankments in fine compacted soils

Droniuc N.

Télécharger le document (1097-1100.pdf)

Behavior of swelling soil under cyclic wetting and drying

Ejjaaouani H., Shakhirev V., Magnan J.-P., Bensallam S.

Télécharger le document (1101-1104.pdf)

Numerical study of damage in unsaturated bentonite with θ-stock finite element code

Fathalikhani M., Gatmiri B.

Télécharger le document (1105-1108.pdf)

Combination of Shrinkage Curve and Soil-Water Characteristic Curves for Soils that Undergo Volume Change as Soil Suction is Increased

Fredlund D.G., Zhang F.

Télécharger le document (1109-1112.pdf)

Small-strain shear modulus and shear strength of an unsaturated clayey sand

Georgetti G.B., Vilar O.M., Rodrigues R.A.

Télécharger le document (1113-1116.pdf)

Study of the stability of unsaturated slopes under the effects of infiltration taking into account the vegetation

Hemmati S., Modaressi A.

Télécharger le document (1117-1120.pdf)

Rainfall-induced collapse of old railway embankments in Norway

Heyerdahl H., Høydal Ø., Nadim F., Kalsnes B.G., Børsting T.

Télécharger le document (1121-1124.pdf)

Dynamic shear modulus and damping of compacted silty sand via suction-controlled resonant column testing

Hoyos L.R., Cruz J.A., Puppala A.J., Douglas W.A., Suescún E.A.

Télécharger le document (1125-1128.pdf)

Expression of mechanical characteristics in compacted soil with soil/water/air coupled F.E. simulation

Kawai K., Iizuka A., Kanazawa S.

Télécharger le document (1129-1132.pdf)

A Geotechnical Countermeasure for Combating Desertification

Liu Q., Yasufuku N.

Télécharger le document (1133-1136.pdf)

Extension of measurement range of dew-point potentiometer and evaporation method

Maček M., Smolar J., Petkovšek A.

Télécharger le document (1137-1142.pdf)

Field capacity and moisture loss during active deposition on Tailings Dams

MacRobert C.

Télécharger le document (1143-1146.pdf)

Effet du retrait du sol sur une maison expérimentale

Makki L., Bourgeois E., Burlon S., Magnan J.-P., Duc M.

Télécharger le document (1147-1150.pdf)

Hydro-mechanical properties of lime-treated London Clay

Mavroulidou M., Zhang X., Kichou Z., Gunn M.J.

Télécharger le document (1151-1154.pdf)

Influence of initial water content on the water retention behaviour of a sandy clay soil

Mendes J., Toll D.G.

Télécharger le document (1155-1158.pdf)

Climate Change Effects on Expansive Soil Movements

Mitchell P.W.

Télécharger le document (1159-1162.pdf)

Study on mechanism of two-phase flow in porous media using X-ray CT Image Analysis

Mukunoki T., Mikami K.

Télécharger le document (1163-1166.pdf)

Soil suction induced by grass and tree in an atmospheric-controlled plant room

Ng C.W.W., Leung A.K., Garg A., Woon K.X., Chu L.M., Hau B.C.H.

Télécharger le document (1167-1170.pdf)

Application of micro-porous membrane technology for measurement of soil-water characteristic curve

Nishimura T.

Télécharger le document (1171-1174.pdf)

Determination of soil-water retention curve for a young residual soil using a small centrifuge

Reis R.M., Saboya F., Tibana S., Marciano C.R., Ribeiro A.B., Sterck W.N., Avanzi E.D.

Télécharger le document (1175-1178.pdf)

Interpretation of the Effect of Compaction on the Mechanical Behavior of Embankment Materials Based on the Soil Skeleton Structure Concept

Sakai T., Nakano M.

Télécharger le document (1179-1182.pdf)

Mechanisms of Strength Loss during Wetting and Drying of Pierre Shale

Schaefer V.R., Birchmier M.A.

Télécharger le document (1183-1186.pdf)

Effect of confining stress on the transient hydration of unsaturated GCLs

Siemens G.A., Take W.A., Rowe R.K., Brachman R.

Télécharger le document (1187-1190.pdf)

Soil chart, new evaluation method of the swelling-shrinkage potential, applied to the Bahlui’s clay stabilized with cement

Stanciu A., Aniculaesi M., Lungu I.

Télécharger le document (1191-1194.pdf)

Measurement of Unsaturated Ground Hydraulic Properties using a Dynamic State Soil Moisture Distribution Model

Sugii T., Yamada K., Asano N., Yamada Y.

Télécharger le document (1195-1198.pdf)

New devices for water content measurement

Toll D.G., Hassan A.A., King J.M., Asquith J.D.

Télécharger le document (1199-1202.pdf)

A simplified model for collapse using suction controlled tests

Vázquez M., Justo de J.L., Durand P.

Télécharger le document (1203-1206.pdf)

Critical State for Unsaturated Soils and Steady State of Thermodynamic Process

Zhao C.G., Li J., Cai G.Q., Liu Y.

Télécharger le document (1207-1210.pdf)

General Report TC202 - Transportation Geotechnics

Indraratna B., Correia A.

Télécharger le document (1213-1224.pdf)

Five years of Impact Compaction in Europe – successful implementation of an innovative compaction technique based on fundamental research and field experiments

Adam D., Paulmichl I., Adam C., Falkner F.-J.

Télécharger le document (1225-1228.pdf)

Development of a non-linear ballasted railway track model

Alves Fernandes V., Costa d’Aguiar S., Lopez-Caballero F.

Télécharger le document (1229-1232.pdf)

LGV EST section 41 : measured and calculated settlements under embankments

Boutonnier L., Hajouai F., Bacar Fadhuli N., Gandille D.

Télécharger le document (1233-1236.pdf)

Recent developments in pavement foundation design

Brown S.F., Thom N.H.

Télécharger le document (1237-1240.pdf)

Deformation Performance and Stability Control of Multi-stage Embankments in Ireland

Buggy F.J.

Télécharger le document (1241-1244.pdf)

Railways platforms reinforced by soil-mixing columns without track removing

Calon N., Robinet A., Costa d’Aguiar S., Briançon L., Cojean C., Mosser J.-F.

Télécharger le document (1245-1248.pdf)

Analysis of the influence of soft soil depth on the subgrade capacity for flexible pavements

Carvajal E., Romana M.

Télécharger le document (1249-1253.pdf)

The Use of Jet Grouting to Enhance Stability of Bermed Excavation

Cheuk J.C.Y., Lai A.W.L., Cheung C.K.W., Man V.K.W., So A.K.O.

Télécharger le document (1255-1258.pdf)

The geotechnical analysis corresponding to the high road embankments close to a bridge

Chirica A., Vintila D., Tenea D.

Télécharger le document (1259-1262.pdf)

Applicability of the Geogauge, P-FWD and DCP for compaction control

Conde M.C., Lopes M.G., Caldeira L., Bilé Serra J.

Télécharger le document (1263-1266.pdf)

Equilibrium models for arching in basal reinforced piled embankments

Eekelen van S.J.M., Bezuijen A.

Télécharger le document (1267-1270.pdf)

Consideration of Overconsolidation in slopes stability

Guerpillon Y., Virollet M.

Télécharger le document (1271-1274.pdf)

Effects of ballast thickness and tie-tamper repair on settlement characteristics of railway ballasted tracks

Hayano K., Ishii K., Muramoto K.

Télécharger le document (1275-1278.pdf)

Load transfer mechanisms in geotextile-reinforced embankments overlying voids: experimental and numerical approaches

Huckert A., Garcin P., Villard P., Briançon L., Auray G.

Télécharger le document (1279-1282.pdf)

Performance Assessment of Synthetic Shock Mats and Grids in the Improvement of Ballasted Tracks

Indraratna B., Nimbalkar S., Rujikiatkamjorn C., Neville T., Christie D.

Télécharger le document (1283-1286.pdf)

Effect Evaluation of Freeze-Thaw on Deformation-Strength Properties of Granular Base Course Material in Pavement

Ishikawa T., Zhang Y., Kawabata S., Kameyama S., Tokoro T., Ono T.

Télécharger le document (1287-1290.pdf)

Long-term performance of preloaded road embankment

Islam M.N., Gnanendran C.T., Sivakumar S.T., Karim M.R.

Télécharger le document (1291-1294.pdf)

Probabilistic Settlement Analysis For The Botlek Lifting Bridge Design

Jacobse J.A., Nehal R.S., Rijneveld B., Bouwmeester D.

Télécharger le document (1295-1300.pdf)

Ground improvement methods for the construction of the federal road B 176 on a new elevated dump in the brown coal region of MIBRAG

Kirstein J.F., Ahner C., Uhlemann S., Uhlich P., Röder K.

Télécharger le document (1301-1304.pdf)

Model tests on settlement behaviour of ballasts subjected to sand intrusion and tie tamping application

Kumara J., Hayano K.

Télécharger le document (1305-1308.pdf)

Assessing the Effectiveness of Rolling Dynamic Compaction

Kuo Y.L., Jaksa M.B., Scott B.T., Bradley A.C., Power C.N., Crisp A.C., Jiang J.H.

Télécharger le document (1309-1312.pdf)

Determination of distribution of modulus of subgrade reaction

Larkela A., Mengelt M., Stapelfeldt T.

Télécharger le document (1313-1315.pdf)

Stability improvement methods for soft clays in a railway environment

Mansikkamäki J., Länsivaara T.

Télécharger le document (1317-1320.pdf)

Effect of wetting- drying cycles on CBR values of silty subgrade soil of Karaj railway

Moayed R.Z., Lahiji B.P., Daghigh Y.

Télécharger le document (1321-1324.pdf)

On the Permanent Deformation Behavior of Rail Road Pond Ash Subgrade

Mohanty B., Chandra S.

Télécharger le document (1325-1328.pdf)

Evaluation of the Performance of Road Embankments over North Jakarta-Soft Soils

Murjanto D., Rahadian H., Hendarto, Taufik R.

Télécharger le document (1329-1332.pdf)

Retrofit Technique for Asphalt Concrete Pavements after seismic damage

Ohta H., Ishigaki T., Tatta N.

Télécharger le document (1333-1336.pdf)

Simultaneous interpretation of CPT/DMT tests to ground characterisation

Rabarijoely S., Garbulewski K.

Télécharger le document (1337-1340.pdf)

3D numerical modeling of a foundation system of a building complex

Reynaud S., Allagnat D., Mazaré B., Julien T.

Télécharger le document (1341-1344.pdf)

Elevated Viaduct behavior of Metro Line 12 Mexico City in the nearness of the Santa Catarina

Rodríguez G.L.B., Soria C.B.

Télécharger le document (1345-1348.pdf)

Influence of installation damage on the tensile strength of asphalt reinforcement products

Sakou Touole L., Thesseling B.

Télécharger le document (1349-1351.pdf)

Influence of Anti-freezing layer on the Frost Penetration Depth for Paved Road Design

Shin E.C., Cho G.T., Lee J.S.

Télécharger le document (1353-1356.pdf)

Evaluation of roadbed potential damage induced by swelling/shrinkage of the subgrade

Simic D.

Télécharger le document (1357-1360.pdf)

The performance of shale as fill and embankment material for a trunk road in Ghana

Solomon K.M., Oddei J.K., Gawu S.K.

Télécharger le document (1361-1364.pdf)

Influence of Mechanical Indices for Soil Basement on Strength of Road Structure

Teltayev B.

Télécharger le document (1365-1368.pdf)

Design and performance of a jet grout retaining wall in a railway embankment on soft soil

Verstraelen J., Maekelberg W., Lejeune C., De Clercq E., De Vos L.

Télécharger le document (1369-1372.pdf)

Laboratory characterization and model calibration of a cemented aggregate for application in transportation infrastructures

Viana da Fonseca A., Rios S., Domingues A.M., Silva A., Fortunato E.

Télécharger le document (1373-1376.pdf)

Special Aspects for Building a Motorway on a 185 m Deep Dump

Vogt N., Heyer D., Birle E., Vogt S., Dahmen D., Karcher C., Vinzelberg G., Eidam F.

Télécharger le document (1377-1380.pdf)

Performance verification of a geogrid mechanically stabilised layer

Wayne M., Fraser I., Reall B., Kwon J.

Télécharger le document (1381-1384.pdf)

Characterization of Soil-Geosynthetic Interaction under Small Displacements Conditions

Zornberg J.G., Roodi G.H., Ferreira J., Gupta R.

Télécharger le document (1385-1388.pdf)

1st General Report for TC 203: Seismic response of soils, foundations and geotechnical structures

Semblat J.-F.

Télécharger le document (1391-1398.pdf)

2nd General Report for TC 203: Experimental characterization and analysis of soil behaviour under earthquake loads

Silvestri F.

Télécharger le document (1399-1406.pdf)

Analytical study of seismic slope behavior in a large-scale shaking table model test using FEM and MPM

Abe K., Izawa J., Nakamura H., Kawai T., Nakamura S.

Télécharger le document (1407-1410.pdf)

Degradation of clay due to cyclic loadings and deformations

Åhnberg H., Larsson R., Holmén M.

Télécharger le document (1411-1414.pdf)

The effect of fines type on correlation between shear wave velocity and liquefaction resistance of sand containing fines

Akbari-Paydar N., Ahmadi M.M.

Télécharger le document (1415-1418.pdf)

Dependency of nonuniform ground surface liquefaction damage on organization and slope of deep strata

Asaoka A., Nakai K.

Télécharger le document (1419-1422.pdf)

Seismic slope stability of earthen levees

Athanasopoulos-Zekkos A., Seed R.B.

Télécharger le document (1423-1426.pdf)

3D Numerical Analysis of a Suspension Bridge Anchor Block to Oblique-Slip Fault Movement

Avar B.B., Augustesen A.H., Kasper T., Steenfelt J.S.

Télécharger le document (1427-1430.pdf)

Seismic site effects in the city of Mendoza and surroundings (Argentina)

Barchiesi A.M., Mancipe-Herrera C.

Télécharger le document (1431-1434.pdf)

Liquefaction impact revisited

Barends F.B.J., Meijers P., Schenkeveld F.M., Weijers J.B.A.

Télécharger le document (1435-1438.pdf)

An experimental approach to evaluate shear modulus and damping ratio of granular material

Bolouri Bazaz J., Bolouri Bazaz H.R.

Télécharger le document (1439-1442.pdf)

Behavior of a multi-story building under seismic loads when taking into account the viscoplasticity of the soil base

Boyko I.P., Sakharov O.S., Sakharov V.O.

Télécharger le document (1443-1446.pdf)

Towards seismic metamaterials

Brûlé S., Javelaud E., Guenneau S., Enoch S.

Télécharger le document (1447-1449.pdf)

Possibilities and limitations of the Prevost model for the modelling of cohesionless soil cyclic behaviour

Cerfontaine B., Charlier R., Collin F.

Télécharger le document (1451-1454.pdf)

On Seismic Performance and Load Capacities for Pile Design

Chang D.-W., Sung S.-H., Lee S.-M., Zhussupbekov A., Erlan Saparbek E.

Télécharger le document (1455-1458.pdf)

Challenges to the laboratory evaluation of field liquefaction resistance

Coelho P.A.L.F., Azeiteiro R.J.N., Marques V.D., Santos L.M.A., Taborda D.M.G.

Télécharger le document (1459-1462.pdf)

Liquefaction Susceptibility of Loose Calcareous Sand of Northern Coast in Egypt

Elmamlouk H., Salem M., Agaiby S.S.

Télécharger le document (1463-1466.pdf)

Seismic bearing capacity of strip footings near cohesive slopes using lower bound limit analysis

Farzaneh O., Mofidi J., Askari F.

Télécharger le document (1467-1470.pdf)

Risk minimisation in construction of upstream tailings storage facilities based on in-situ testing

Fourie A B., Palma J H., Villavicencio G., Espinace R.

Télécharger le document (1471-1474.pdf)

Dynamic soil-pile behavior in liquefiable sand overlaid with soft clay

Ghotbi S.M.A., Olyaei M., Yasrebi S.S., Mosallanejad M.

Télécharger le document (1475-1478.pdf)

Correlations between the shear wave velocity profile and the response spectrum based on SASW tests

Gonzalez L., Pinilla C., Peredo V., Boroschek R.

Télécharger le document (1479-1482.pdf)

Methodological approach for the stability analysis of the Po river banks

Gottardi G., Madiai C., Marchi M., Tonni L., Vannucchi G.

Télécharger le document (1483-1486.pdf)

Effect of Soil Plugging on Axial Capacity of Open-Ended Pipe Piles in Sands

Gudavalli S.R., Safaqah O., Seo H.

Télécharger le document (1487-1490.pdf)

Strain Response Envelopes for low cycle loading processes

Hettler A., Danne St.

Télécharger le document (1491-1494.pdf)

Development of Map of Maximum Considered Earthquake Geometric Mean (MCE ) PGA for Earthquake Resistance Building Design in Indonesia

Irsyam M., Asrurifak M., Ridwan M., Aldiamar F., Wayan Sengara I., Widiyantoro S., Triyoso W., Hilman D., Kertapati E., Meilano I., Suhardjono, Hendri

Télécharger le document (1495-1498.pdf)

Study on long-term subsidence of soft clay due to 2007 Niigata Prefecture Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake

Isobe K., Ohtsuka S.

Télécharger le document (1499-1502.pdf)

Effect of stress anisotropy on cyclic behavior of dense sand with dynamic hollow cylinder apparatus

Jafarzadeh F., Zamanian M.

Télécharger le document (1503-1506.pdf)

Impact of blast vibrations on the release of quick clay slides

Johansson J., Løvholt F., Andersen K.H., Madshus C., Aabøe R.

Télécharger le document (1507-1510.pdf)

Dynamic calculation for the dry closure of Almagrera tailings dam

Justo de J.L., Morales-Esteban A., Durand P., Vázquez-Boza M., Jiménez F.A., Rossi E.

Télécharger le document (1511-1514.pdf)

Recent developments in procedures for estimation of liquefaction potential of soils

Katzenbach R., Clauss F., Rochée S.

Télécharger le document (1515-1518.pdf)

Applying Earthquake Risk Analysis Methods to a Town in Hungary

Kegyes-Brassai O., Ray R.P.

Télécharger le document (1519-1522.pdf)

Ensuring Stability of Boards of Deep Ditches in Seismic Regions

Khomyakov V.A.

Télécharger le document (1523-1526.pdf)

Mixed Module Columns® under static and dynamic load – Experimental study.

Lambert S., Santruckova H., Foray P., Flavigny E., Gotteland Ph.

Télécharger le document (1527-1530.pdf)

Valuation of liquefaction mitigation by stone columns

Lambert S.

Télécharger le document (1531-1534.pdf)

Normalized Shear Modulus of Compacted Gravel

Liao T., Massoudi N., McHood M., Stokoe K.H., Jung M.J., Menq F.-Y.

Télécharger le document (1535-1538.pdf)

Dynamic Properties and Liquefaction Potential of a Sandy Soil Containing Silt

Mominul H.M., Alam M.J., Ansary M.A., Karim M.E.

Télécharger le document (1539-1542.pdf)

Seismic stability assessment of a steel plate fabricated column constructed on liquefiable grounds with different soil-layer profiles

Nakai K., Xu B., Takaine T.

Télécharger le document (1543-1546.pdf)

A method of suppressing liquefaction using a solidification material and tension stiffeners

Nakamichi M., Sato K.

Télécharger le document (1547-1550.pdf)

Effects of Fines Content on Cyclic Shear Characteristics of Sand-Clay Mixtures

Noda S., Hyodo M.

Télécharger le document (1551-1554.pdf)

Case study of the post-earthquake behavior of a CFRD dam

Núñez E.A. Sfriso O.

Télécharger le document (1555-1558.pdf)

Liquefaction characteristics of crushable pumice sand

Orense R.P., Pender M.J.

Télécharger le document (1559-1562.pdf)

Investigation of Reinforced Earth Structures Following the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake

Otani Y., Takao K., Sakai S., Kimura T., Kuwano J., Freitag N., Sankey J.

Télécharger le document (1563-1566.pdf)

Accumulated Stress Based Model for Prediction of Residual Pore Pressure

Park D., Ahn J.-K.

Télécharger le document (1567-1570.pdf)

Pioneer application of a dynamic penetrometer and boroscope in archeological prospecting

Rangel-Núñez J.L., Barba L., Ovando E., Auvinet G., Ibarra-Razo E.

Télécharger le document (1571-1574.pdf)

Measuring and modeling the dynamic behavior of Danube Sands

Ray R.P., Szilvágyi Z.

Télécharger le document (1575-1578.pdf)

Three-dimensional seismic active earth pressure coefficients using upper bound numerical limit analysis: a few preliminary results

Santana T., Guerra N.M.C., Antão A.N., Vicente da Silva M.

Télécharger le document (1579-1582.pdf)

1Directional-3Component seismic response modelling of a multilayer nonlinear soil profile.

Santisi d’Avila M.P., Lenti L., Semblat J.-F.

Télécharger le document (1583-1586.pdf)

The behaviour of natural cohesive soils under dynamic excitations

Sas W., Szymański A., Gabryś K.

Télécharger le document (1587-1590.pdf)

Dynamic behavior of multi-arch culverts embankment considering the installation interval of consecutive arch culverts

Sawamura Y., Kishida K., Kimura M.

Télécharger le document (1591-1594.pdf)

Simplified seismic wall stability analysis

Serratrice J.-F.

Télécharger le document (1595-1598.pdf)

Effect of Seismic Waves with Different Dominant Frequencies on the Delayed Failure Behavior of a Soil Structure-Ground System

Shimizu R., Yamada S.

Télécharger le document (1599-1602.pdf)

Shaking table test of large-scaled slope model subjected to horizontal and vertical seismic loading using E-Defense

Shinoda M., Nakajima S., Nakamura H., Kawai T., Nakamura S.

Télécharger le document (1603-1606.pdf)

Stability analysis of earth dams under static and earthquake loadings using geosynthetics as a seepage barrier

Srivastava A., Sivakumar Babu G.L.

Télécharger le document (1607-1610.pdf)

Cyclic Loading Behavior of Saturated Sand with Different Fabrics

Sze H.Y., Yang J.

Télécharger le document (1611-1614.pdf)

Evaluation of effective parameters on soil layers seismic amplification ratios (A case study of Bam earthquake)

Tabatabaie S.H., Hassanlourad M., Yazdanparast M., Mohammadi A.

Télécharger le document (1615-1618.pdf)

Experimental study on lattice-shaped cement treatment method for liquefaction countermeasure

Takahashi H., Morikawa Y., Iba H., Fukada H., Maruyama K., Takehana K.

Télécharger le document (1619-1622.pdf)

Shaking model tests on mitigation of liquefaction-induced ground flow by new configuration of embedded columns

Takahashi N., Derakhshani A., Rasouli R., Towhata I., Yamada S.

Télécharger le document (1623-1626.pdf)

Structure-Soil Massif System Behavior Features Under Static & Dynamic Loads

Taranov V.G., Aleksandrovych V.A., Luchkovskyi I. Ia., Plashchev S.A., Kornienko N.V., Areshkovych O.O.

Télécharger le document (1627-1629.pdf)

Pseudo static analysis considering strength softening in saturated clays during earthquakes

Tsai C.-C., Mejia L.H., Meymand P.

Télécharger le document (1631-1634.pdf)

Effectiveness of In-soil Seismic Isolation taking into account of Soil-Structure Interaction

Tsatsis A.K., Anastasopoulos I.C., Gelagoti F.L., Kourkoulis R.S.

Télécharger le document (1635-1638.pdf)

The device of the bases and foundation in the conditions of weak soil and high seismic activity of the Republic of Tajikistan

Usmanov R.

Télécharger le document (1639-1642.pdf)

Foundation conditions analysis for some eolian power units corresponding to the seismic loads influence

Vintila D., Tenea D., Chirica A.

Télécharger le document (1643-1646.pdf)

Performance-based Evaluation of Saturated Loess Ground Liquefaction

Wang L.M., Yuan Z.X., Wang Q., Wu Z.J.

Télécharger le document (1647-1650.pdf)

Seismic design of retaining wall considering the dynamic response characteristic

Watanabe K., Koseki J.

Télécharger le document (1651-1654.pdf)

Seismic Responses of Geogrid Reinforced Wall with Tire Derived Aggregates (TDA) Backfill using Reduced-Scale Shake Table Test

Xiao M., Hartman D., Ledezma M.

Télécharger le document (1655-1658.pdf)

Soil Properties of Liquefied Soils in Tokyo Bay Area by the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake

Yasuda S.

Télécharger le document (1659-1662.pdf)

In Situ Assessment of the Nonlinear Shear Modulus of Municipal Solid Waste

Zekkos D., Sahadewa A., Woods R., Stokoe K., Matasovic N.

Télécharger le document (1663-1666.pdf)

Coupled dynamic analysis of soils reinforced with stiff columns

Zerfa FZ.

Télécharger le document (1667-1670.pdf)

General Report of TC204 - Underground Constructions

Dias T.G.S., Bezuijen A.

Télécharger le document (1673-1680.pdf)

Diametric deformations in the concrete segment lining of a tunnel excavated in soft soils. Criteria for their evaluation and mitigation actions for their control

Aguilar M.A., Valencia J.D., Schmitter J.J., Auvinet-Guichard G., Rangel-Núñez J.L.

Télécharger le document (1681-1682.pdf)

Effect of the subsoil conditions in the seismic interaction between two underground stations connected by a circular section tunnel

Botero E., Ossa A., Ovando E., Sierra L., Giraldo V.

Télécharger le document (1683-1686.pdf)

Application of Ductile Segments to Tunnels in Close Proximity

Chang J.F., Chen D.J., Moh Z.C., Yu N.T.

Télécharger le document (1687-1690.pdf)

Effect of pre-ground improvement method during shallow NATM tunnel excavations under unconsolidated conditions

Cui Y., Kishida K.

Télécharger le document (1691-1694.pdf)

Field Performance of Geogrid Bridges for Stress Reduction on Buried Utilities

El Naggar H., Turan A.

Télécharger le document (1695-1698.pdf)

Construction of a Cross Passage between Two MRT Tunnels

Fang Y.S., Lin C.T., Liu C., Cheng K.H., Su C.S., Chen T.J.

Télécharger le document (1699-1702.pdf)

Monitoring and Instrumentation of demonstrators storage cells (CMHM)

Gay O., Teixeira P., Bumbieler F., Morel J.

Télécharger le document (1703-1706.pdf)

Stability analyses of underground structures cut into porous limestone

Görög P., Hangodi Á., Török Á.

Télécharger le document (1707-1709.pdf)

Effect of brittle failure on deep underground excavation in eastern Taiwan

Hsiao F.Y., Chi S.Y.

Télécharger le document (1711-1714.pdf)

Fast frequency-domain analysis method for longitudinal seismic response of super-long immersed tunnels

Huang M., Liu H.

Télécharger le document (1715-1718.pdf)

Field Monitoring of Shield Tunnel Lining Using Optical Fiber Bragg Grating Based Sensors

Huang A.B., Lee J.T., Wang C.C., Ho Y.T., Chuang T.S.

Télécharger le document (1719-1722.pdf)

Building deformations, induced by shallow service tunnel construction and protective measures for reducing of its influence

Ilyichev V.A., Nikiforova N.S., Tupikov M.M.

Télécharger le document (1723-1726.pdf)

Engineering inspection and supervision of tunnels and underground stations of urban metro systems

Katzenbach R., Leppla S.

Télécharger le document (1727-1730.pdf)

On the stability of a trap door evaluated by upper bound method

Kobayashi S., Matsumoto T.

Télécharger le document (1731-1734.pdf)

Finite Element Modelling of Construction Processes of The Modular Approached Tunnelling Method

Komiya K.

Télécharger le document (1735-1738.pdf)

Cutting tool wear prognosis and management of wear-related risks for Mix-Shield TBM in soft ground

Köppl F., Thuro K.

Télécharger le document (1739-1742.pdf)

Compensation Grouting with shallow and deep foundations – case study from the Metro B1 in Rome

Kummerer C., Sciotti A.

Télécharger le document (1743-1746.pdf)

An evaluation of influence factors that affect pressures in backfilled trenches

Li L., Aubertin M., El Mkadmi N., Jahanbakhshzadeh A.

Télécharger le document (1747-1750.pdf)

Prediction of hard rock TBM penetration rate based on Data Mining techniques

Martins F.F., Miranda T.F.S.

Télécharger le document (1751-1754.pdf)

Assessment of Empirical Method Used to Study Tunnel System Performance

Mazek S.A., El Ghamrawy M.K.

Télécharger le document (1755-1758.pdf)

Refurbishment and Underground Space Development of Moscow P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory

Petrukhin V.P., Mozgacheva O.A., Skorikov A.V.

Télécharger le document (1759-1762.pdf)

Performance of the tunnel lining subjected to decompression effects on very soft clay deposits

Rangel-Núñez J.L., Aguilar-Tellez M.A., Ibarra-Razo E., Paniagua W.

Télécharger le document (1763-1764.pdf)

Design of tunnel lining in consolidating soft soils

Rodríguez-Rebolledo J.F., Auvinet G., Vázquez F.

Télécharger le document (1765-1768.pdf)

Effects of buried structures on the formation of underground cavity

Sato M., Kuwano R.

Télécharger le document (1769-1772.pdf)

Rational interpretation of tunneling considering existing tunnel and building loads

Shahin H.M., Nakai T., Iwata T.

Télécharger le document (1773-1776.pdf)

An elastic continuum model for interpretation of seismic behavior of buried pipes as a soil-structure interaction

Tohda J., Yoshimura H., Maruyoshi K.

Télécharger le document (1777-1780.pdf)

Building with the Subsurface for realizing cost-efficient infrastructure

Venmans A.A.M.

Télécharger le document (1781-1784.pdf)

Subsoil Settlement Feature of Immersed Tube Tunnel in Deep Soft Subsoil with Heavy Siltation in Open Sea

Xie Y., Zhang S., Zhang H., Liu B.

Télécharger le document (1785-1788.pdf)

Case Studies of Applicability for Selection of Construction Method for Highway Underground Crossing Transit on the Deposit soils in Urban Project in Korea

Yang T.-S., Yoo N.-J., Kim S.-J., Hwang Y.-C.

Télécharger le document (1789-1792.pdf)

Numerical modeling of NATM urban tunnels and monitoring-Case study of Niayesh tunnel

Zolghadr E., Pasdarpour M., Majidian S., Golshani A.

Télécharger le document (1793-1796.pdf)

General report for TC 205 - Safety and serviceability in geotechnical design: a reliability-based perspective

Salgado R.

Télécharger le document (1799-1804.pdf)

Unusual French experience of a legal frame ; a certain mastery of ground risk management

Carrière M.-L.

Télécharger le document (1805-1808.pdf)

Ideas for improved geotechnical structures for natural disaster mitigation

Heerten G., Vollmert L.

Télécharger le document (1808-1812.pdf)

Deep Excavation in Hong Kong – Cantilever Bored Pile Wall Design Using CIRIA Report No. C580

Ho A., Wright M., Ng S.

Télécharger le document (1813-1818.pdf)

Comparison of the safety concepts for soil reinforcement methods using concrete columns

Katzenbach R., Bohn C., Wehr J.

Télécharger le document (1819-1822.pdf)

Slope stability with partial safety factor method

Länsivaara T., Poutanen T.

Télécharger le document (1823-1826.pdf)

Assessment of embankment stability on organic soils using Eurocode 7

Lechowicz Z., Wrzesiński G.

Télécharger le document (1827-1830.pdf)

Implementation of LRFD Methods to Quantify Value of Site Characterization Activities

Loehr J.E., Bowders J.J., Rosenblad B.L., Luna R., Maerz N., Stephenson R.W., Likos W.J., Ge L.

Télécharger le document (1831-1834.pdf)

European practice in ground anchor design related to the framework of EC7.

Merrifield C., Møller O., Simpson B., Farrell E.

Télécharger le document (1835-1838.pdf)

Harmonising safety and profit: ethical issues in the geotechnical activity of major consulting companies

Redaelli M.

Télécharger le document (1839-1842.pdf)

Geotechnical missions standard, the foundation of risk management for a project

Robert J.

Télécharger le document (1843-1846.pdf)

Embedding Geo Risk Management. The Geo-Impuls Approach

Staveren van M.Th., Litjens P.P.T., Cools P.M.C.B.M.

Télécharger le document (1847-1850.pdf)

General Report for TC206 - Interactive Design

Ho A.

Télécharger le document (1853-1854.pdf)

Monitoring earthwork foundations by fibre optic sensors

Artières O.

Télécharger le document (1855-1858.pdf)

A geoenvironmental application of an optimisation model

Azimi K., Merrifield C., Gallagher E., Smith D.

Télécharger le document (1859-1862.pdf)

The role of fibre optic instrumentation in the re-use of deep foundations

Bell A., Soga K., Ouyang Y., Yan J., Wang F.

Télécharger le document (1863-1866.pdf)

Comparison of monitoring techniques for measuring deformations in an excavation

De Vos L., Van Alboom G., Haelterman K., Maekelberg W.

Télécharger le document (1867-1870.pdf)

Preventive maintenance of water retaining structures based on fiber optic systems

Fry J.-J., Courivaud J.-R., Beck Y.-L., Pinettes P.

Télécharger le document (1871-1874.pdf)

Evaluation of diaphragm wall as-built data to determine the risk of leakage for the Kruisplein car park excavation in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Hannink G., Thumann V.M.

Télécharger le document (1875-1878.pdf)

Optimisation of bridge approach treatment via staged construction

His J.P., Carson D.J., Lee C.H.

Télécharger le document (1879-1882.pdf)

SWOT analysis Observational Method applications

Korff M., Jong de E., Bles T.J.

Télécharger le document (1883-1888.pdf)

Development of Method for Evaluating and Visualizing 3-dimensional Deformation of Earth Retaining Wall for Excavation

Matsumaru T., Kojima K.

Télécharger le document (1889-1892.pdf)

Geotechnical protection of engineering infrastructure objects in large cities under intense anthropogenic impact and long term operation

Perminov N.A., Zentsov V.N., Perminov A.N.

Télécharger le document (1893-1896.pdf)

Data assimilation strategies for parameter identification of elasto-plastic geomaterials and its application to geotechnical practice

Shuku T., Nishimura S., Murakami A., Fujisawa K.

Télécharger le document (1897-1900.pdf)

Experimental analyses on detection of potential risk of slope failure by monitoring of shear strain in the shallow section

Tamate S., Hori T., Mikuni C., Suemasa N.

Télécharger le document (1901-1904.pdf)

Retaining wall with struts or multi-anchored for a deep excavation in Monaco: from modeling to real behavior

Utter N., Dervillé B., Beth M.

Télécharger le document (1905-1908.pdf)

New Sensing Technology and New Applications in Geotechnical Engineering

Wang Y.H., Ooi G.L., Gao Y.

Télécharger le document (1909-1912.pdf)

General Report of TC 207 - Foundations and Retaining Structures

Bilfinger W.

Télécharger le document (1915-1922.pdf)

Design, Construction and Monitoring of a Mixed Soil-Reinforced and Anchored Retaining Wall in Expansive Soil

Abramento M., Fujii J., Cogliati B., Assakura V.

Télécharger le document (1923-1926.pdf)

Design and construction of high bermless geogrid walls in a problematic mountainous seismic region in Bulgaria

Alexiew D., Hangen H.

Télécharger le document (1927-1930.pdf)

The Deep Excavation of the Odéon Tower in Monaco: The four outstanding elements in its design

Baghery S.

Télécharger le document (1931-1934.pdf)

3D Finite Element Analyses for a Laterally Loaded Pile Wall in Marine Environment– Case History

Bahr M.A., Tarek M.F., El-Ghamrawy M.K., Abouzaid K.S., Shaarawi E.M.

Télécharger le document (1935-1938.pdf)

Design and construction of a coffer dam on Narmada River for Indira Sagar project in central India:a case study of innovative foundation

Bidasaria M.

Télécharger le document (1939-1942.pdf)

Anchored sheet pile wall design in expansive soils

Bilgin Ö., Mansour E.

Télécharger le document (1943-1946.pdf)

Performance of Soil Nails in Weathered Granite and Fill

Chow C.-M., Chee-Meng, Tan Y.-C.

Télécharger le document (1947-1950.pdf)

Effects on adjacent buildings from diaphragm wall installation

Comodromos E.M., Papadopoulou M.C., Konstantinidis G.K.

Télécharger le document (1951-1954.pdf)

Modeling edge effects at the periphery of a rigid inclusion reinforced soil volume

Cuira F., Simon B.

Télécharger le document (1955-1958.pdf)

Influence of facing vertical stiffness on reinforced soil wall design

Damians I.P., Lloret A., Josa A., Bathurst R.J.

Télécharger le document (1959-1962.pdf)

Earth Pressure from Strip Footings on an Anchored Sheet Pile Wall

Denver H., Kellezi L.

Télécharger le document (1963-1966.pdf)

Top Down Construction Alongside Of Bosphorus - A Case Study

Durgunoglu T., Kulac F., Ikiz S., Akcakal O.

Télécharger le document (1967-1970.pdf)

Experiences with SBMA ground anchors in spanish soils

Fernandez Vincent J.M.

Télécharger le document (1971-1974.pdf)

Computed and observed ground movements during top-down construction in Chicago

Finno R.J., Arboleda L., Kern K., Kim T., Sarabia F.

Télécharger le document (1975-1978.pdf)

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Geosynthetics versus Concrete Retaining Wall

Frischknecht R., Büsser-Knöpfel S., Itten R., Stucki M., Wallbaum H.

Télécharger le document (1979-1982.pdf)

Design of inverted T-shape Cantilever Wall a Relief Floor

Ganne P.P., Raucroix X.

Télécharger le document (1983-1986.pdf)

An Anchored Retaining Wall in CSM

Gomes Correia A., Tinoco J., Pinto A., Tomásio R.

Télécharger le document (1987-1990.pdf)

Design, modelization and monitoring for a very large excavation in Monaco

Guilloux A., Porquet M., De Lavernée P., Lyonnet P., Roman P.

Télécharger le document (1991-1994.pdf)

A Case Study of 3D FE Analysis of a Deep Excavation Adjacent to a Tunnel Construction

Guler E., Osmanoglu U., Koç M.

Télécharger le document (1995-1998.pdf)

Suction Caisson Installation in Shallow Water: Model Tests and Prediction

Guo W., Chu J.

Télécharger le document (1999-2002.pdf)

Instrumentation de la paroi moulée du bassin de Blanc-Mesnil : retro-analyse et calage des modèles de calcul

Gutjahr I., Doucerain M., Schmitt P., Heumez S., Maurel C.

Télécharger le document (2003-2006.pdf)

Displacement of an apartment building next to a deep excavation in Rotterdam

Hannink G., Oung O.

Télécharger le document (2007-2010.pdf)

Calculation method of optimization the soil-cement mass dimensions to reduce the enclosure displacements in deep excavation

Ilyichev V.A., Gotman Y.A.

Télécharger le document (2011-2014.pdf)

Case Studies of Complicate Urban Excavation from Design to Construction

Jang Y.S., Choi H.C., Shin S.M., Kim D.Y.

Télécharger le document (2015-2018.pdf)

Passive Pressure on Skewed Bridge Abutments

Jessee S., Rollins K.

Télécharger le document (2019-2022.pdf)

Deformation behaviour of clay due to unloading and the consequences on construction projects in inner cities

Katzenbach R., Leppla S.

Télécharger le document (2023-2026.pdf)

Large tailings heaps and the influence on infrastructures due to the resulting soil deformation

Katzenbach R., Leppla S., Seip M., Schleinig J.-P., Schnürer F.

Télécharger le document (2027-2030.pdf)

In-situ tests of permanent prestressed ground anchors with alternative designs of anchor bond length

Klemenc I., Logar J.

Télécharger le document (2031-2034.pdf)

Response of piled buildings to deep excavations in soft soils

Korff M., Mair R.J.

Télécharger le document (2035-2038.pdf)

Deep excavation in Irish glacial deposits

Long M., O’Leary F., Ryan M., Looby M.

Télécharger le document (2039-2042.pdf)

Active earth thrust on walls supporting granular soils: effect of wall movement

Loukidis D., Salgado R.

Télécharger le document (2043-2046.pdf)

Innovative solutions for supporting excavations in slopes

Lüftenegger R., Schweiger H.F., Marte R.

Télécharger le document (2047-2050.pdf)

Design and Construction of Inclined-Braceless Excavation Support Applicable to Deep Excavation

Maeda T., Shimada Y., Takahashi S., Sakahira Y.

Télécharger le document (2051-2054.pdf)

Shaking table tests on caisson-type quay wall with stabilized mound

Mizutani T., Kikuchi Y.

Télécharger le document (2055-2058.pdf)

Inspection of structural health of existing railway retaining walls

Nakajima S., Shinoda M., Abe K.

Télécharger le document (2059-2062.pdf)

Mechanism of Settlement Influence Zone due to Deep Excavation in Soft Clay

Ou C.-Y., Teng F.-C., Hsieh P.-G., Chien S.-C.

Télécharger le document (2063-2066.pdf)

Establishing a high risk construction pit in a hurry

Philipsen J.

Télécharger le document (2067-2070.pdf)

Innovative Solution of King Post Walls combined with CSM Panels

Pinto A., Tomásio R., Godinho P.

Télécharger le document (2071-2074.pdf)

Unusual Geotechnical Solutions at the Leixões Cruise Terminal

Pinto A., Pita X., Neves M., Vaz J.

Télécharger le document (2075-2078.pdf)

Aspects on designing and monitoring a deep excavation for a highly important structure

Popa H., Manea S., Batali L., Olteanu A.

Télécharger le document (2079-2082.pdf)

FEM-aided design of a novel device for soil anchoring

Prisco di C., Pisanò F.

Télécharger le document (2083-2086.pdf)

Structural Optimization in Geotechnical Engineering

Pucker T., Grabe J.

Télécharger le document (2087-2090.pdf)

Role of the facing on the behaviour of soil-nailed slopes under surcharge loading

Sanvitale N., Simonini P., Bisson A., Cola S.

Télécharger le document (2091-2094.pdf)

Comparative study of different deep excavation retaining systems

Josifovski J., Gjorgjevski S.

Télécharger le document (2095-2098.pdf)

Various use of diaphragm walls for construction of multilevel road junction – Design and monitoring of displacements

Siemińska-Lewandowska A., Mitew-Czajewska M., Tomczak U.

Télécharger le document (2099-2102.pdf)

Effects of plane shapes of a cofferdam on 3D seepage failure stability and axisymmetric approximation

Tanaka T., Kusumi S., Inoue K.

Télécharger le document (2103-2106.pdf)

Stability and dewatering problems of deep excavations in Bratislava

Turček P.., Frankovská J., Súľovská M.

Télécharger le document (2107-2110.pdf)

Managed remediation of a large Victorian gravity quay wall using the observational method

Turner M. J, Smith N A.

Télécharger le document (2111-2114.pdf)

Concrete panel walls – Current development on interaction of earthworks, geosynthetic reinforcement and facing

Vollmert L., Niehues C., Pachomow D., Herold A., Verstraaten W.

Télécharger le document (2115-2118.pdf)

The influence of bond stress distribution on ground anchor fixed length design. Field trial results and proposal for design methodology

Vukotić G., González Galindo J., Soriano A.

Télécharger le document (2119-2122.pdf)

The sustainability and assessment of drystone retaining walls

Warren L., McCombie P., Donohue S.

Télécharger le document (2123-2126.pdf)

Numerical modelling of groundwater flow around contiguous pile retaining walls

Wiggan C.A., Richards D.J., Powrie W.

Télécharger le document (2127-2130.pdf)

Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Wall Performance under Heavy Rainfall

Yoo C., Jang D.W.

Télécharger le document (2131-2134.pdf)

General Report of TC 208 - Slope Stability in Engineering Practice

Bowman E.T., Fannin R.J.

Télécharger le document (2137-2144.pdf)

Calculation of slopes stability based on the energy approach

Bogomolov A.N., Ushakov A.N., Bogomolova O.A.

Télécharger le document (2145-2148.pdf)

Preservation of slope stability along the by-pass Vlora

Bozo L., Allkja S.

Télécharger le document (2149-2152.pdf)

A Methodology for Evaluating Liquefaction Susceptibility in Shallow Sandy Slopes

Buscarnera G., Whittle A.J.

Télécharger le document (2153-2156.pdf)

Assessment of landslide run-out by Monte Carlo simulations

Cepeda J., Quan Luna B., Nadim F.

Télécharger le document (2157-2160.pdf)

The Challenge of the Slope Failure Problem and Its Remedial Considerations at Mileage 39km, Mt. Ali Road, Taiwan

Chang M., Huang R.

Télécharger le document (2161-2164.pdf)

Downstream Frontal Velocity Reduction Resulting from Baffles

Choi C.E., Ng C.W.W., Kwan J.S.H., Shiu H.Y.K., Ho K.K.S., Koo R.C.H.

Télécharger le document (2165-2168.pdf)

GPS instrumentation and remote sensing study of slow moving landslides in the eastern San Francisco Bay hills, California, USA

Cohen-Waeber J., Sitar N., Bürgmann R.

Télécharger le document (2169-2172.pdf)

Geotechnical Characterization, Stability Analysis, and the Stabilization Process for a Landslid in a area of Barreiras Formation and Granite Residual Soils, Pernambuco

Coutinho R.Q., Silva da M.M.

Télécharger le document (2173-2176.pdf)

Progressive failure of slopes with sensitive clay layers

Dey R., Hawlader B., Phillips R., Soga K.

Télécharger le document (2177-2180.pdf)

Quantitative vulnerability estimation for individual landslides

Du J., Yin K., Nadim F., Lacasse S.

Télécharger le document (2181-2184.pdf)

A site specific early warning system for rainfall induced landslides

Harris S., Orense R., Itoh K.

Télécharger le document (2185-2188.pdf)

Characteristics of Ground Motion on Colluviums Slope Induced by Heavy Rainfall

Jeng C.J., Sue D.Z.

Télécharger le document (2189-2192.pdf)

Stability and movements of open-pit lignite mines in Northern Greece

Kavvadas M., Agioutantis Z., Schilizzi P., Steiakakis C.

Télécharger le document (2193-2196.pdf)

A web-based tool for ranking landslide mitigation measures

Lacasse S., Kalsnes B., Vaciago G., Choi Y.J., Lam A.

Télécharger le document (2197-2200.pdf)

A Numerical Study of Granular Surge Flow through a Row of Baffles

Law R.P.H., Lam A.Y.T., Choi K.Y.

Télécharger le document (2201-2204.pdf)

Full-Scale Field Monitoring of a Rainfall-Induced Sliding Slope in Hainan, China

Li A.G., Qiu J.J., Mo J.F., Gao W., Tham L.G., Yan R.W.M.

Télécharger le document (2205-2208.pdf)

Estimation and Prediction of Debris Flow Potential Using Discrimination Analysis

Lin M.L., Lin Y.S.

Télécharger le document (2209-2212.pdf)

Value of Landslide Investigation to Geotechnical Engineering Practice in Hong Kong

Lo D.O.K., Lam H.W.K.

Télécharger le document (2213-2216.pdf)

Analyses of Seismic Slope Stability and Subsequent Debris Flow Modeling

Long X., Tjok K.-M.

Télécharger le document (2217-2220.pdf)

Quantitative risk assessment for earthquake-triggered landslides using Bayesian network

Nadim F., Liu Z.Q.

Télécharger le document (2221-2224.pdf)

Collapse behavior of slope due to change in pore water pressure

Nakata Y., Kajiwara T., Yoshimoto N.

Télécharger le document (2225-2228.pdf)

Future evolution of slope stability analysis created by SPH method

Nonoyama H., Yashima A., Moriguchi S.

Télécharger le document (2229-2232.pdf)

Slope stability along a new road “Drisht –Drisht castle”

Paçi E., Cullufi H., Dervishaj A.

Télécharger le document (2233-2236.pdf)

Landslides induced by the interaction of an earthquake and subsequent rainfall. A spatial and temporal model

Quan Luna B., Vangelsten B.V., Liu Z.Q., Eidsvig U., Nadim F.

Télécharger le document (2237-2240.pdf)

Analysis of landslides in urban regions

Rahhal M.E., Hajal M., Seoud J.P., Rafie E.

Télécharger le document (2241-2244.pdf)

A smart adaptive multivariable search algorithm applied to slope stability in locating the global optima

Saha A.

Télécharger le document (2245-2248.pdf)

Soil slope stability of hydropower reservoirs - from geological site investigation to design of mitigation measures

Saurer E., Prager C., Marcher T.

Télécharger le document (2249-2252.pdf)

Landslide stabilization by piles: A case history

Şengör M.Y., Ergun M.U., Huvaj N.

Télécharger le document (2253-2256.pdf)

Landslide Susceptibility Mapping Using Bayesian Conditional Probability Model at An Linh Commune, Tuy An District, Phu Yen Province, Vietnam

Son N.T., Ha P.T.S., Son L.M.

Télécharger le document (2257-2260.pdf)

Influence of Ground Motion Variability on Seismic Displacement Uncertainty

Strenk P.M., Wartman J.

Télécharger le document (2261-2264.pdf)

A new approach to assess the potential for flow slide in sensitive clays

Thakur V., Degago S.A., Oset F., Dolva B.K., Aabøe R.

Télécharger le document (2265-2268.pdf)

Landslide risk assessment in the Göta river valley: effect of climate changes

Tremblay M., Svahn V., Lundström K.

Télécharger le document (2269-2272.pdf)

Deformation and water seepage observed in a natural slope during failure process by artificial heavy rainfall

Uchimura T., Gizachew G., Wang L., Nishie S., Seko I.

Télécharger le document (2273-2276.pdf)

Study on field detection and monitoring of slope instability by measuring tilting motion on the slope surface

Wang L., Nishie S., Seko I., Uchimura T.

Télécharger le document (2277-2280.pdf)

The physical vulnerability of roads to debris flow

Winter M.G., Smith J.T., Fotopoulou S., Pitilakis K., Mavrouli O., Corominas J., Agyroudis S.

Télécharger le document (2281-2284.pdf)

Inspection and Capacity Assessment of Anchored Slopes

Yeh H.n-S., Wang C.-S., Wei C.-Y., Lee S.-M., Ho T.-Y., Hsiao C.-A., Tsai L.-S.

Télécharger le document (2285-2288.pdf)

2011 Seoul Debris Flow and Risk Analysis

Yune C.-Y., Kim G., Lee S.W., Paik J.

Télécharger le document (2289-2292.pdf)

General Report of TC209 - Offshore Geotechnics

Jewell R.A.

Télécharger le document (2295-2302.pdf)

Shallow foundations for offshore wind towers

Arroyo M., Abadías D., Alcoverrro J., Gens A.

Télécharger le document (2303-2306.pdf)

Modelling of monopile-footing foundation system for offshore structures in cohesionless soils

Arshi H.S., Stone K.J.L., Vaziri M., Newson T.A., El-Marassi M., Taylor R.N., Goodey R.J.

Télécharger le document (2307-2310.pdf)

Influence of jack-up footprints on mudmat stability – How beneficial are 3D effects?

Ballard J.-C., Charue N.

Télécharger le document (2311-2314.pdf)

Design and installation of buried large diameter HDPE pipelines in a coastal area

Bellezza I., Mazzier F., Pasqualini E., D’Alberto D., Caccavo C., Serrani C.

Télécharger le document (2315-2318.pdf)

Geotechnical Exploration for Wind Energy Projects

Ben-Hassine J., Griffiths D.V.

Télécharger le document (2319-2322.pdf)

Cyclic axial load tests on bored piles in dense sands

Benzaria O., Puech A., Le Kouby A.

Télécharger le document (2323-2326.pdf)

Cyclic axial load tests on bored piles in overconsolidated Flanders clay

Benzaria O., Puech A., Le Kouby A.

Télécharger le document (2327-2330.pdf)

Deep Offshore Sliding Footings – Design Methodology

Bretelle S., Wallerand R.

Télécharger le document (2331-2334.pdf)

Proposal of cyclic t-z law by means of centrifuge experiments

Burlon S., Thorel L., Mroueh H.

Télécharger le document (2335-2338.pdf)

Deformation behavior of single pile in silt under long-term cyclic axial loading

Chen R.P., Ren Y., Zhu B., Chen Y.M.

Télécharger le document (2339-2342.pdf)

Time-Varying Dynamic Properties of Offshore Wind Turbines Evaluated by Modal Testing

Damgaard M., Andersen J.K.F., Ibsen L.B., Andersen L.V.

Télécharger le document (2343-2346.pdf)

Numerical investigation of dynamic embedment of offshore pipelines

Dutta S., Hawlader B., Phillips R.

Télécharger le document (2347-2350.pdf)

Post Cyclic Behaviour of Singapore Marine Clay

Ho J., Goh S.H., Lee F.H.

Télécharger le document (2351-2354.pdf)

Centrifuge test and numerical modeling for a suction bucket monopod foundation

Kim D.J., Youn J.U., Jee S.H., Choi J., Choo Y.W., Kim S., Kim J.H., Kim D.S., Lee J.S.

Télécharger le document (2355-2358.pdf)

A large deformation finite element analysis solution for modelling dense sand

Li X., Hu Y, White D.

Télécharger le document (2359-2362.pdf)

Plugging Effect of Open-Ended Displacement Piles

Lüking J., Kempfert H.-G.

Télécharger le document (2363-2366.pdf)

A simplified procedure to assess the dynamic stability of a caisson breakwater

Madrid R., Gens A., Alonso E., Tarrago D.

Télécharger le document (2367-2370.pdf)

The new remediation technique for buried pipelines under permanent ground deformation

Moradi M., Galandarzadeh A., Rojhani M.

Télécharger le document (2371-2374.pdf)

Site investigation and geotechnical design strategy for offshore wind development

Muir Wood A., Knight P.

Télécharger le document (2375-2378.pdf)

Cyclic stability diagrams for piles in sands

Puech A., Benzaria O., Thorel L., Garnier J., Foray P., Silva M., Jardine R.

Télécharger le document (2379-2382.pdf)

Determining small strain elastic modulus using cyclic expansion tests

Reiffsteck P., Fanelli S., Tacita J.-L., Dupla J.-C., Desanneaux G.

Télécharger le document (2383-2386.pdf)

Displacement response to axial cyclic loading of driven piles in sand

Rimoy S., Jardine R., Standing J.

Télécharger le document (2387-2390.pdf)

Experimental Testing of Monopiles in Sand Subjected to One-Way Long-Term Cyclic Lateral Loading

Roesen H.R., Ibsen L.B., Andersen L.V.

Télécharger le document (2391-2394.pdf)

Pile cyclic lateral loading: Development of degradation laws for describing the cyclic effect

Rosquoët F., Thorel L., Garnier J., Chenaf N.

Télécharger le document (2395-2398.pdf)

Behavior of marine silty sand subjected to long term cyclic loading

Safdar M., Kim J.M.

Télécharger le document (2399-2402.pdf)

Influence of cyclic axial loads in the behaviour and response of driven piles in sand

Silva M., Foray P., Rimoy S., Jardine R., Tsuha C., Yang Z.

Télécharger le document (2403-2406.pdf)

Characterization of the geotechnical properties of a carbonate clayey silt till for a shallow wind turbine foundation

Tyldesley M., Newson T., Boone S., Carriveau R.

Télécharger le document (2407-2410.pdf)

Cyclic loading of caisson supported offshore wind structures in sand

Versteele H., Stuyts B., Cathie D., Charlier R.

Télécharger le document (2411-2414.pdf)

General Report of TC 211 - Ground Improvement

Huybrechts N., Denies N.

Télécharger le document (2417-2424.pdf)

Time-dependent behaviour of foundations lying on an improved ground

Alupoae D., Aşuencei V., Răileanu P.

Télécharger le document (2425-2428.pdf)

Centrifugal and numerical analysis of geosynthetic-reinforced soil embankments

Bo L., Linli J., Ningyu Z., Sinong L.

Télécharger le document (2429-2432.pdf)

Compacted soil columns for foundations on collapsible soils. Laboratory and in-situ experimental study

Burlacu C., Olinic E., Manea S., Uţă P

Télécharger le document (2433-2436.pdf)

Selected problems connected with the use of the jet grouting technique

Bzówka J., Juzwa A., Wanik L.

Télécharger le document (2437-2440.pdf)

Column Supported Embankments for Transportation Infrastructures: Influence of Column Stiffness, Consolidation Effects and Cyclic Loading

Carvajal E., Vukotić G., Sagaseta C., Wehr W.

Télécharger le document (2441-2444.pdf)

Foundations of embankments using encased stone columns

Castro J., Sagaseta C., Cañizal J., Da Costa A., Miranda M.

Télécharger le document (2445-2448.pdf)

Consolidation theory for combined vacuum pressure and surcharge loading

Chai J.-C., Carter J. P.

Télécharger le document (2449-2452.pdf)

Displacement rigid inclusions

Cirión A., Paulín J., Racinais J., Glandy M.

Télécharger le document (2453-2456.pdf)

Prediction of the unconfined compressive strength in soft soil chemically stabilized

Correia A.A.S., Venda Oliveira P.J., Lemos L.J.L.

Télécharger le document (2457-2460.pdf)

Numerical modeling of a soil-mixing column behavior and comparison with a full-size load test

Cuira F., Costa d’Aguiar S., Grzyb A., Pellet F., Mosser J.-F., Guimond-Barrett A., Le Kouby A.

Télécharger le document (2461-2464.pdf)

Design of Deep Soil Mix Structures: considerations on the UCS characteristic value

Denies N., Van Lysebetten G., Huybrechts N., De Cock F., Lameire B., Maertens J., Vervoort A.

Télécharger le document (2465-2468.pdf)

Method of improvement of the subsoil under Adora facility – Ohrid, Republic Of Macedonia

Dimitrievski L., Ilievski D., Dimitrievski D., Bogoevski B., Strasheski A.

Télécharger le document (2469-2472.pdf)

Geoencased columns: toward a displacement based design

Galli A., Prisco di C.

Télécharger le document (2473-2476.pdf)

Design prediction of the strengthened foundation base deformation by field tests data

Gotman A., Gotman N.

Télécharger le document (2477-2480.pdf)

Standardization of the molding procedures for stabilized soil specimens as used for QC/QA in Deep Mixing application

Grisolia M., Leder E., Marzano I.P.

Télécharger le document (2481-2484.pdf)

Analysis of Floating Pile Capacity in Improved Ground for Thi Vai Port, Vietnam

Hai N.M., Tuong N.K., Long P.D., Nhon P.V.

Télécharger le document (2485-2488.pdf)

Carbonate Cementation via Plant Derived Urease

Hamdan N., Kavazanjian Jr. E., O’Donnell S.

Télécharger le document (2489-2492.pdf)

Experimental investigation on bearing capacity of geosynthetic encapsulated stone columns

Hataf N., Nabipour N.

Télécharger le document (2493-2496.pdf)

Performance and Prediction of Vacuum Consolidation Behavior at Port of Brisbane

Indraratna B., Rujikiatkamjorn C., Geng X., Ameratunga J.

Télécharger le document (2497-2500.pdf)

Improvement of a Clay Deposit using Prefabricated Vertical Drains and Pre-loading - A Case Study

Islam M.S., Yasin S.J.M.

Télécharger le document (2501-2504.pdf)

Importance et applications des inclusions de grande inertie

Jeanty J.M., Mathieu F., Benhamou L., Berthelot P.

Télécharger le document (2505-2508.pdf)

Assessement of Carillo’s theory for improved Tunis Soft Soil by Geodrains

Jebali H., Frikha W., Bouassida M.

Télécharger le document (2509-2512.pdf)

Improvement of soft fat clay using rigid inclusions and vertical drains

Kirstein J.F., Wittorf N.

Télécharger le document (2513-2516.pdf)

Interaction of stone column and surrounding soil during its construction: 3D numerical analysis

Klimis N.S., Sarigiannis D.D.

Télécharger le document (2517-2520.pdf)

Laboratory tests and numerical modeling for embankment foundation on soft chalky silt using deep-mixing

Koch E., Szepesházi R.

Télécharger le document (2521-2524.pdf)

Assessment of bio-mechanical reinforcement materials influencing slope stability, based on numerical analyses

Koda E., Osinski P.

Télécharger le document (2525-2528.pdf)

Evaluation of Vertical Drain-enhanced Radial Consolidation with Modified Analytical Solution

Lee C., Choi Y., Lee W., Hong S.J.

Télécharger le document (2529-2532.pdf)

Adjusting the soil stiffness with stabilisation to minimize vibration at Maxlab IV – Asynchrotron radiation facility in Sweden

Lindh P., Rydén N.

Télécharger le document (2533-2536.pdf)

Construction and Performance of Containment Bund Using Geotextile Tubes Filled With Cement Mixed Soil in Singapore

Loh C.K., Chew S.H., Tan C.Y., Lim S.K., Lam J.P.W.

Télécharger le document (2537-2540.pdf)

Reinforcement of completely decomposed granite with discrete fibres

Madhusudhan B.N., Baudet B.A.

Télécharger le document (2541-2544.pdf)

Hybrid Application of Deep Mixing Columns Combined with Walls as a Soft Ground - Improvement Method Under Embankments

Matsui H., Ishii H., Horikoshi K.

Télécharger le document (2545-2548.pdf)

Application of cement deep mixing method for underpinning

Melentijevic S., Arcos J.L., Oteo C.

Télécharger le document (2549-2552.pdf)

Lime Remediation of Reactivated Landslides

Mesri G., Moridzadeh M.

Télécharger le document (2553-2556.pdf)

Improvement of the Soil under the Concrete Pavement of a Plant’s Hall

Mihova L., Kolev Ch.

Télécharger le document (2557-2560.pdf)

Effect of Smear on Strength Behavior of SCP-Reinforced Soft Ground

Mir B.A., Juneja A.

Télécharger le document (2561-2564.pdf)

Bio-mediated soil improvement utilized to strengthen coastal deposits

Montoya B.M., Feng K., Shanahan C.

Télécharger le document (2565-2568.pdf)

Effect of Grout Bleed Capacity on the Engineering Properties of Cement Grouted Sands

Pantazopoulos I.A., Atmatzidis D.K., Basas V.G., Papageorgopoulou S.K.

Télécharger le document (2569-2572.pdf)

Numerical Analysis to Quantify the Influence of Smear Zone Characteristics on Preloading Design in Soft Clay

Parsa-Pajouh A., Fatahi H., Khabbaz B.

Télécharger le document (2573-2576.pdf)

Construction of virtual sites for reliability-based design

Phoon K.K., Ching J.

Télécharger le document (2577-2580.pdf)

Technique of reinforced soil base calculation under fall initiation in ground mass

Ponomaryov A., Zolotozubov D.

Télécharger le document (2581-2584.pdf)

Stress Concentration Ratio and Design Method for Stone Columns using 2D FEA with Equivalent Strips

Poon B., Chan K.

Télécharger le document (2585-2588.pdf)

Porosity/cement index to evaluate geomechanical properties of an artificial cemented soil

Rios S., Viana da Fonseca A.

Télécharger le document (2589-2592.pdf)

Compressive Strength of Fiber-Reinforced Lightly-Cement Stabilized Sand

Sadek S., Najjar S., Abboud A.

Télécharger le document (2593-2596.pdf)

Conservatoriumhotel Amsterdam, geotechnical design and monitoring

Stoel van der A.E.C., Vink D., Bouma J.

Télécharger le document (2597-2600.pdf)

Impact of the soil-stabilization with lime

Szendefy J.

Télécharger le document (2601-2604.pdf)

Laboratory parametric study of the Deep Mixing material

Szymkiewicz F., Le Kouby A., Reiffsteck P., Mosadegh A., Tacita J.-L.

Télécharger le document (2605-2608.pdf)

Investigation of failure analysis of clay reinforced with sand encapsulated

Tabarsa A.R., Hajiesmaeilian S.

Télécharger le document (2609-2612.pdf)

Influence of relative density on microbial carbonate precipitation and mechanical properties of sand

Tsukamoto M., Inagaki T., Sasaki Y., Oda K.

Télécharger le document (2613-2616.pdf)

The reinforcement of soils by dispersed oversized particles

Vallejo L.E., Lobo-Guerrero S., Seminsky L.F., Caicedo B.

Télécharger le document (2617-2620.pdf)

Analysis of Displacements of GPA in Normally Consolidated Soft Soil

Vidyaranya B., Madhav M.R.

Télécharger le document (2621-2624.pdf)

Bridge foundation on very soft alluvia with stone column ground improvement

Vlavianos G.J., Marinelli A.K., Andrianopoulos K., Foti S.

Télécharger le document (2625-2628.pdf)

Subgrade improvement measures for the main rescue roads in the urban redevelopment area HafenCity in Hamburg

Weihrauch S., Oehrlein S., Vollmert L.

Télécharger le document (2629-2632.pdf)

Fiber Reinforced Cement Treated Clay

Xiao H.W., Lee F.H., Zhang M.H., Yeoh S.Y.

Télécharger le document (2633-2636.pdf)

Large-scale Piled Raft with Grid-Form Deep Mixing Walls on Soft Ground

Yamashita K., Wakai S., Hamada J.

Télécharger le document (2637-2640.pdf)

Initial investigation into the carbonation of MgO for soil stabilisation

Yi Y.L., Liska M., Unluer C., Al-Tabbaa A.

Télécharger le document (2641-2644.pdf)

Innovative solutions in the field of geotechnical construction and coastal geotechnical engineering under difficult engineering-geological conditions of Ukraine

Zotsenko M., Vynnykov Y., Doubrovsky M., Oganesyan V., Shokarev V., Syedin V., Shapoval, Poizner M., Krysan V., Meshcheryakov G.

Télécharger le document (2645-2648.pdf)

General Report for the Two Sessions of TC 212 - Deep Foundations

Katzenbach R., Choudhury D., Chang D.W.

Télécharger le document (2651-2658.pdf)

Structural and geotechnical design of a piled raft for a tall building founded on granular soil

Allievi L., Ferrero S., Mussi A., Persio R., Petrella F.

Télécharger le document (2659-2662.pdf)

Performance of Piled-Raft System under Axial Load

Alnuiam A., El Naggar H., El Naggar M.H.

Télécharger le document (2663-2666.pdf)

Analysis of Full-Scale Random Vibration Pile Tests in Soft and Improved Clays

Ashlock J.C., Fotouhi M.K.

Télécharger le document (2667-2670.pdf)

A Design Method For Piled Raft Foundations

Balakumar V., Oh E., Bolton M., Balasubramaniam A.S.

Télécharger le document (2671-2674.pdf)

A practical method for the non-linear analysis of piled rafts

Basile F.

Télécharger le document (2675-2678.pdf)

A Variational Approach for Analysis of Piles Subjected to Torsion

Basu D., Misra A., Chakraborty T.

Télécharger le document (2679-2682.pdf)

Anchoring of continue flight auger piles in hard soil : necessity of succesful tools of drilling and adapted soils investigations.

Berthelot P., Cardona G., Glandy M., Durand F.

Télécharger le document (2683-2686.pdf)

Improved Safety Assessment of Pile Foundations Using Field Control Methods

Bilfinger W., Santos M.S., Hachich W.

Télécharger le document (2687-2690.pdf)

Three Dimensional Finite Element Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Full-Scale Piles under Vertical Excitations

Biswas S., Manna B.

Télécharger le document (2691-2694.pdf)

P-Y curves from the prebored pressuremeter test for laterally loaded single piles

Bouafia A.

Télécharger le document (2695-2698.pdf)

French and Australian Pile Design Comparison – Load Testing Influence on Design

Bretelle S.

Télécharger le document (2699-2702.pdf)

Dynamic Pile Testing at the Mesa A Rail Bridge

Cannon J.G.

Télécharger le document (2703-2706.pdf)

Uplift behavior of bored piles in tropical unsaturated sandy soil

Carvalho de D., Rocha de Albuquerque P.J.

Télécharger le document (2707-2710.pdf)

Timber pile load test instrumented with removable extensometers

Christin J., El Kouby A., Reiffsteck P., Rocher-Lacoste F.

Télécharger le document (2711-2714.pdf)

Pylon foundation of a cable stayed bridge at the motorway ring road of Wrocław

Dembicki E., Cudny M., Krasiński A., Załęski K.

Télécharger le document (2715-2718.pdf)

Consolidating Soil-Pile Interaction

El-Sakhawy N., Nassar A.

Télécharger le document (2719-2722.pdf)

The Performance of Helical Pile Groups Under Compressive Loads: A Numerical Investigation

Elsherbiny Z., El Naggar M.H.

Télécharger le document (2723-2726.pdf)

Contributing factors on soil setup and the effects on pile design parameters

Fakharian K., Attar I.H., Sarrafzadeh A., Haddad H.

Télécharger le document (2727-2730.pdf)

Model loading tests in large soil tank on group behavior of piles

Goto S., Aoyama S., Liu B., Towhata I., Takita A., Renzo A.A.

Télécharger le document (2731-2734.pdf)

Probabilist analysis of the foundation of a shopping center in Brazil

Gusmão A., Oliveira P., Ferreira S., Maia G., Amorim M.

Télécharger le document (2735-2738.pdf)

Bearing capacity of displacement piles in layered soils with highly diverse strength parameters

Gwizdala K., Krasinski A.

Télécharger le document (2739-2742.pdf)

Practical experience with piled raft design for tall buildings

Haberfield C.M.

Télécharger le document (2743-2746.pdf)

Non-Conventional Pile Loading Tests in Vietnam

Hai N.M., Dao D.H.

Télécharger le document (2747-2750.pdf)

Slope stability structures for road landslide

Hamova M., Frangov G., Zayakova Hr.

Télécharger le document (2751-2754.pdf)

Research on the Load-Bearing Behaviour of Bored Piles with Different Enlarged Bases

Herrmann R.A., Löwen M., Tinteler T., Krumm S.

Télécharger le document (2755-2758.pdf)

Visualization of Settlement Behavior for Friction Pile Group during Consolidation

Ishikura R., Matsuda H., Igawa N.

Télécharger le document (2759-2762.pdf)

Interactive 3-D Analysis Method of Piled Raft Foundation for High-rise Buildings

Jeong S.J, Cho Ja.

Télécharger le document (2763-2766.pdf)

Optimal FBG Sensor Deployment via Gaussian Quadrature Formula for Measurement of Displacement of Laterally Loaded Piles

Jung Y.-H., Na S.-U., Mok Y.

Télécharger le document (2767-2770.pdf)

Numerical Simulation of the Load Tests on Bearing Capacity of Piled Raft Foundations

Kaneda K., Honda T., Shigeno Y., Hamada J.

Télécharger le document (2771-2774.pdf)

The Development and the Structural Behavior of a New Type Hybrid Concrete Filled Fiber-Glass Reinforced Plastic Pile

Kang I.-K., Kim H.-T., Baek S.-C., Park S.-Y.

Télécharger le document (2775-2778.pdf)

Ground displacements related to deep excavation in Amsterdam

Korff M., Mair R.J.

Télécharger le document (2779-2782.pdf)

Drilled pile technology in retaining wall construction and energy transfer

Lehtonen J.

Télécharger le document (2783-2786.pdf)

Three-Dimensional Models of Bearing Capacity - Case Study

Leite da Silva C.P., Moreira de Souza N., Medeiros Silva C.

Télécharger le document (2787-2790.pdf)

Full scale rapid uplift tests on transmission tower footings

Levy F.M., Richards D.J.

Télécharger le document (2791-2794.pdf)

Characteristics Values in Rock Socket Design

Look B., Lacey D.

Télécharger le document (2795-2798.pdf)

Safety theory in geotechnical design of piled raft

Lorenzo R., Zubeldia E.H., Cunha R.P.

Télécharger le document (2799-2808.pdf)

Bored pile foundation response using seismic cone test data

Mayne P.W., Woeller D.J.

Télécharger le document (2803-2806.pdf)

Energy and Reliability Applied to Continuous Flight Augern Pilings - The SCCAP Methodology

Medeiros Silva C., Camapum de Carvalho J., Brasil Cavalcante A.L.

Télécharger le document (2807-2810.pdf)

Performance of a pioneer foundation of the skirt type for the Metro-Line 12 overpass on the Mexico City soft clay

Mendoza M.J., Rufiar M., Ibarra E., Mendoza S.A

Télécharger le document (2811-2814.pdf)

Improving the capacity of bored piles by shaft grouting

Miller M., Potts V., Skinner H., Vaziri M.

Télécharger le document (2815-2818.pdf)

Polymer pillar, a new innovation for underpinning

Perälä A.

Télécharger le document (2819-2822.pdf)

Identification of Test Pile Defects in a Super-tall Building Foundation

Poulos H.G., Badelow F., Tosen R., Abdelrazaq, Kim S.H.

Télécharger le document (2823-2826.pdf)

A review of pile test results and design from a London clay site

Powell J.J.M., Skinner H.

Télécharger le document (2827-2830.pdf)

Effect of installation mode on the static behaviour of piles in highly overconsolidated Flanders clay

Puech A., Benzaria O.

Télécharger le document (2831-2834.pdf)

Analysis of Piles Supporting Excavation Adjacent to Existing Buildings

Ramadan E.H., Ramadan M., Khashila M.M., Kenawi M.A.

Télécharger le document (2835-2838.pdf)

Analysis and Design of Piles for Dynamic Loading

Ray R.P., Wolf Á.

Télécharger le document (2839-2842.pdf)

A new tool for the automated travel time analyses of bender element tests

Rees S., Le Compte A., Snelling K., Rinaldi V.A., Viguera R.

Télécharger le document (2843-2846.pdf)

Pseudo-static Pile Load Test: Experience on Pre-bored and Large Diameter Piles

Rinaldi V.A., Viguera R.

Télécharger le document (2847-2850.pdf)

Behavior of Vertical Piles Embedded in Sand under Inclined Loads near Ground Slope

Sakr M.A., Nasr A.M.

Télécharger le document (2851-2854.pdf)

Semi-Analytical Solutions for Laterally Loaded Piles in Multilayered Soils

Salgado R, Basu D., Prezzi M, Tehran F.S.

Télécharger le document (2855-2858.pdf)

Skyscrapers of «Moskva-City» Business Center - Tests of Bored Piles

Shulyatiev О.А., Ladyzhensky I.G. Yastrebov P.I.

Télécharger le document (2859-2862.pdf)

Cavity remediation for pylon foundation of the Transrhumel Viaduct in Constantine

Steenfelt J.S., Schunk M.

Télécharger le document (2863-2868.pdf)

Integrating Nonlinear Pile Behavior with Standard Structural Engineering Software

Szép J., Ray R.P.

Télécharger le document (2869-2872.pdf)

Experimental Study on the Method of Rebound and Recompression Deformation Calculation in Deepand Large Foundation Design

Teng Y., Li J., Wang S.

Télécharger le document (2873-2876.pdf)

Deep Basement Construction of Bank of Thailand Along Chao Phraya River closed to Tewavej Palace and Bangkhumphrom Palace

Teparaksa W.

Télécharger le document (2877-2880.pdf)

Creep and long-term bearing capacity of a long pile in clay

Ter-Martirosyan Z.G., Ter-Martirosyan A.Z., Sidorov V.V.

Télécharger le document (2881-2884.pdf)

Compressive resistance of piles, an update

Tol van A.F., Stoevelaar R., Bezuijen A., Jansen H.L., Hannink G.

Télécharger le document (2885-2888.pdf)

A design verification method for pile foundations used in combination with solidified improved columns

Tomisawa K., Miura S.

Télécharger le document (2889-2892.pdf)

nfluence of multiple helix configuration on the uplift capacity of helical anchors

Tsuha C.H.C., Santos T.C., Rault G., Thorel L., Garnier J.

Télécharger le document (2893-2896.pdf)

Super-long bored pile foundation for super high-rise buildings in China

Wang W., Wu J., Li Y.

Télécharger le document (2897-2900.pdf)

Case Studies of Cost-effective Foundation Design in Rock

Wong P.K.

Télécharger le document (2901-2904.pdf)

Difficulté d’exécution des pieux profonds de grand diamètre dans des sols mous

Zaghouani K., Chouikha A., Haffoudhi S.

Télécharger le document (2905-2908.pdf)

Load Tests on Full-Scale Bored Pile Groups

Zhang Y., Salgado R., Dai G., Gong W.

Télécharger le document (2909-2912.pdf)

General Report of TC 214 - Soft soils

Ovando-Shelley E., Rangel-Núñez J.L.

Télécharger le document (2915-2920.pdf)

Soil Fracturing Induced by Land Subsidence in Mexico City

Auvinet G., Méndez E., Juárez M.

Télécharger le document (2921-2924.pdf)

Characterization of Sensitive Soft Soils for the Waterview Connection Project, New Zealand

Bobei D.C., Locks J.

Télécharger le document (2925-2928.pdf)

Design and Construction of a Landfill Containment Bund cum Seawall Supported on Stone Columns Installed in Very Soft Marine Mud in Cotai, Macau

De Silva S., Fong L.T.T.

Télécharger le document (2929-2932.pdf)

Estimation of undrained shear strength of soft soil obtained by cylinder vertical penetration

Equihua-Anguiano L.N., Orozco-Calderon M., Foray P.

Télécharger le document (2933-2936.pdf)

he Application of a Novel Design Approach for Construction over soft soils: The Hybrid Undrained-Drained model

Espinoza D., Li C.

Télécharger le document (2937-2940.pdf)

Land reclamation on soft clays at Port of Brisbane

Ganesalingam D., Sivakugan N., Ameratunga J., Schweitzer G.

Télécharger le document (2941-2944.pdf)

Kansai International Airport. Theoretical settlement history

Juárez-Badillo E.

Télécharger le document (2945-2948.pdf)

Design and Performance of Highway Embankments Constructed Over Sri Lankan Peaty Soils

Karunawardena A., Toki M.

Télécharger le document (2949-2952.pdf)

Design improvements for expansion of a roadway on a thick layer of soft soil

Kim K.-H., Jung T.-M., Jung J.-H., Kim T.-H., Kim S.-R., You S.-H.

Télécharger le document (2953-2956.pdf)

Case Study on X-section Cast-in-place Pile-Supported Embankment over Soft Clay

Liu H.L., Kong G.Q., Ding X.M, Yu T., Yang G.

Télécharger le document (2957-2960.pdf)

Settlements of Earth Fills on Thick Layers of Overconsolidated Soft Clays without Geodrains

Massad F., Teixeira A.H., Carvalho C.T., Grangé L.F.A.

Télécharger le document (2961-2964.pdf)

Aspects on the modelling of smear zones around vertical drains

Müller R., Larsson S.

Télécharger le document (2965-2968.pdf)

A Review of Geogrid Working Platform in Soft Ground in Malaysia

Ooi T.A., Tee C.H., Chan C.B., Ong R.

Télécharger le document (2969-2972.pdf)

Container Terminal on Soft Soil

Popovic N., Stanic B.

Télécharger le document (2973-2976.pdf)

Instrumented Trial Embankment on Soft Ground at Tokai, State of Kedah, Malaysia

Tan Y.C., Lee P.-T., Koo K.-S

Télécharger le document (2977-2980.pdf)

Prediction of and countermeasures for embankment-related settlement in ultra-soft ground containing peat

Tashiro M., Inagaki M., Asaoka A.

Télécharger le document (2981-2984.pdf)

Numerical simulation of energy consumption of artificial ground freezing applications subject to water seepage

Ziegler M., Schüller R., Mottaghy D.

Télécharger le document (2985-2988.pdf)

General Report of TC 215 - Environmental Geotechnics

Bouazza A.

Télécharger le document (2991-2996.pdf)

Novel bentonites for containment barrier applications

Bohnhoff G., Shackelford C., Malusis M., Scalia J., Benson C., Edil T., Di Emidio G., Katsumi T., Mazzieri F.

Télécharger le document (2997-3000.pdf)

Long term performance of cement-bentonite cut-offs in saline and acidic solutions

Brianzoni V., Fratalocchi E., Pasqualini E.

Télécharger le document (3001-3004.pdf)

Determination of shear strength of MSW. Field tests vs. laboratory tests

Cañizal J., Lapeña P., Castro J., Costa da A., Sagaseta C.

Télécharger le document (3005-3008.pdf)

Geo-environmental problems in landfills of MSW with high organic content

Chen Y.M., Zhan L.T., Xu X.B., Liu H.L.

Télécharger le document (3009-3012.pdf)

Experimental study of radial filtration in Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRB)

Courcelles B.

Télécharger le document (3013-3016.pdf)

Measurement of NAPL saturation distribution in whole domainsby the Simplified Image Analysis Metod

Florès G., Katsumi T., Inui T., Takai A.

Télécharger le document (3017-3020.pdf)

Hydraulic conductivity of zeolite-sand mixtures permeated with landfill leachate

Fronczyk J., Garbulewski K.

Télécharger le document (3021-3024.pdf)

Moisture-Suction Relationships for Geosynthetic Clay Liners

Hanson J.L., Risken J.L., Yeşiller N.

Télécharger le document (3025-3028.pdf)

Hydraulic conductivity of compacted clay liners moisture-conditioned and permeated with saline coal seam gas water

Indrawan I.G.B., Williams D.J., Scheuermann A.

Télécharger le document (3029-3032.pdf)

Simultaneous estimation of transverse and longitudinal dispersion in unsaturated soils using spatial moments and image processing

Inoue K., Shimada H., Tanaka T.

Télécharger le document (3033-3036.pdf)

Evaluating the long-term leaching characteristics of heavy metals in excavated rocks

Inui T., Katsumi T., Takai A., Kamon M.

Télécharger le document (3037-3040.pdf)

Geo-environmental challenges of a major coal terminal development in Australia

Jones S.R.

Télécharger le document (3041-3044.pdf)

Characterisation of landfill steel mill sludge waste in terms of shear strength, pore water pressure dissipation and liquefaction potential

Lavoie J.L.N., Sinclair T.J.E.

Télécharger le document (3045-3048.pdf)

A numerical analysis of phytoextraction processes

Lugli F., Mahler C.F.

Télécharger le document (3049-3052.pdf)

Soil-geosynthetic interface strength on smooth and texturized geomembranes under different test conditions

Monteiro C.B., Araújo G.L.S., Palmeira E.M., Cordão Neto M.P.

Télécharger le document (3053-3056.pdf)

Geoenvironmental Approach to Restoration of Agricultural Land Damaged by Tsunami

Omine K., Moqsud M.A., Hazarika H.

Télécharger le document (3057-3060.pdf)

Factors affecting hydration of Geosynthetic Clay Liners in landfill applications

Rayhani M.T., Sarabadani H.

Télécharger le document (3061-3064.pdf)

Use of thermal desorption for removing in-situ floating oil layers

Saadaoui H., Haemers J., Denecheau P., Cédou C.

Télécharger le document (3065-3068.pdf)

Devepment and Verification of Ecohabitat Chart based on Ecological Geotechnics

Sassa S., Watabe Y., Yang S.

Télécharger le document (3069-3072.pdf)

A New Approach for Characterizing Shear Strength of Municipal Solid Waste for Land Fill Design

Singh S.

Télécharger le document (3073-3076.pdf)

The role of molecular biology in geotechnical engineering

Stewart D.I., Fuller S.J., Burke I.T., Whittleston R.A., Lockwood C.L., Baker A.

Télécharger le document (3077-3080.pdf)

A System of dehydration, purification, and reduction for dredged soil – Release inhibition of nutrient salts from bed mud using natural zeolite

Umezaki T., Kawamura T.

Télécharger le document (3081-3084.pdf)

General Report du TC 301 - Monuments, historic sites and case histories

Flora A.

Télécharger le document (3087-3094.pdf)

Reconstitution of foundation platform of Prasat Suor Prat by compaction of original soil with slaked lime, Angkor Ruins, Cambodia

Akazawa Y., Fukuda M., Iwasaki Y., Nakazawa J.

Télécharger le document (3095-3098.pdf)

Geotechnical Aspects of Design and Construction of the Mountain Cluster Olympic Facilities in Sochi

Fedorovsky V., Kurillo S., Kryuchkov S., Bobyr G., Djantimirov K., Iliyn S., Iovlev I., Kharlamov P., Rytov S., Skorokhodov A., Kabantsev О.

Télécharger le document (3099-3102.pdf)

Importance of understanding the development and significance of sulphates in the London Clay

Hawkins A.B., St John T.W.

Télécharger le document (3103-3106.pdf)

Rockfall-protection embankments – design concept and construction details

Hofmann R., Vollmert L., Mölk M.

Télécharger le document (3107-3110.pdf)

Authenticity of Foundations for Heritage Structures

Iwasaki Y., Zhussupbekov A., Issina A.

Télécharger le document (3111-3114.pdf)

Geotechnical Assessment for the Restoration of Garandoya tumulus with the Naked Stone Chamber

Mimura M., Yoshimura M.

Télécharger le document (3115-3118.pdf)

Geotechnical Features of Sochi Olympic Facilities Project Designs

Petrukhin V.P., Kolybin I.V., Budanov V.G., Isaev О.N., Kisin B.F., Bokov I.A.

Télécharger le document (3119-3124.pdf)

Heaving Mechanisms in High Sulfate Soils

Puppala A.J., Talluri N., Gaily A., Bhaskar, Chittoori C.S.

Télécharger le document (3125-3128.pdf)

Geotechnical aspects in sustainable protection of cultural and historical monuments

Sesov V., Cvetanovska J., Edip K.

Télécharger le document (3129-3132.pdf)

Modern methods of geotechnical defense of buildings in the difficult geological conditions of Ukraine

Slyusarenko Y., Chervinskyy Y., Karpenko Y., Dvornik S., Malikov S., Rozenvasser G., Lavshuk I.

Télécharger le document (3133-3136.pdf)

Geotechnical problems related to the development of territories in the conditions of the Republic of Tajikistan

Usmanov R.A., Saidov R.S., Mangushev R.A.

Télécharger le document (3137-3140.pdf)

The preservation of Agrigento Cathedral

Valore C., Ziccarelli M.

Télécharger le document (3141-3144.pdf)

Geotechnical characteristics of glacial soil deposits at Punta Arenas in Chilean Patagonia

Vásquez A., Le Roux J.-P., Foncea C.

Télécharger le document (3145-3148.pdf)

Geotechnical Issues of Megaprojects on Problematical Soil Ground of Kazakhstan

Zhussupbekov A.Zh., Ling H.I., Baitassov T.M., Lukpanov R.E., Tulebekova A.S., Yenkebayev S.B., Popov V.N., Krasnikov S.V., Boominathan A.

Télécharger le document (3149-3152.pdf)

General Report of TC 307 - Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering

Basu D., Puppala A.J., Chittoori B.

Télécharger le document (3155-3162.pdf)

Evaluation of Rubber/Sand Mixtures as Replacement Soils to Mitigate Earthquake Induced Ground Motions

Abdelhaleem A.M., El-Sherbiny R.M., Lotfy H., Al-Ashaal A.A.

Télécharger le document (3163-3166.pdf)

New Replacement Formations on Expansive Soils Using Recycled EPS Beads

Abdelrahman G.E., Mohamed H.K., Ahmed H.M.

Télécharger le document (3167-3170.pdf)

Sustainability in Geotechnical Engineering

Basu D., Misra A., Puppala A.J., Chittoori C.S.

Télécharger le document (3171-3174.pdf)

Mechanics of Manufactured Soil Using Powder Wastes

Baykal G.

Télécharger le document (3175-3178.pdf)

Soil treatment with non traditional additives in earthworks: evaluation of the technical and environmental improvements

Blanck G., Cuisinier O., Masrouri F.

Télécharger le document (3179-3182.pdf)

Advanced testing and modelling delivers cost effective piled raft foundation solution

Bourne-Webb P., Cunningham M., Card G.

Télécharger le document (3183-3186.pdf)

The use of Recycled Aggregates in Unboud Road Pavements

Cameron D.A., Rahman M.M., Azam A.M., Gabr A.g., Andrews R., Mitchell P.W.

Télécharger le document (3187-3190.pdf)

Reuse of dredged sediments for hydraulic barrires : adsorption and hydraulic conductivity improvement through polymers

Di Emidio G., Verastegui Flores R.D., Bezuijen A.

Télécharger le document (3191-3194.pdf)

Characterization of recycled materials for sustainable construction

Edil T.B.

Télécharger le document (3195-3198.pdf)

Technical and Economic Analysis of Construction and Demolition Waste Used in Paving Project

Farias A., Fucale S., Gusmão A., Maia G.

Télécharger le document (3199-3202.pdf)

Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Geosynthetics versus Conventional filter layer

Frischknecht R., Büsser-Knöpfel S., Itten R., Stucki M., Wallbaum H.

Télécharger le document (3203-3206.pdf)

Reuse of existing foundations for the rehabilitation of old buildings

Guilloux A., Le Bissonnais H., Saussac L., Perini T.

Télécharger le document (3207-3210.pdf)

Modern geotechnical construction methods for important infrastructure buildings

Heerten G., Vollmert L., Herold A., Thompson, Dupond J., Alcazar G.

Télécharger le document (3211-3214.pdf)

Sustainable Management of Contamined Sediments

Holm G., Lundberg K., Svedberg B.

Télécharger le document (3215-3218.pdf)

Polymer support fluids: use and misuse of innovative fluids in geotechnical works

Jefferis S.A., Lam C.

Télécharger le document (3219-3222.pdf)

Utilisation of polyethylene (plastic) shopping bags waste for soil improvement in sandy soils

Kalumba D., Chebet F.C.

Télécharger le document (3223-3226.pdf)

Effect of dredge soil on the strength development of air-foam treated lightweight soil

Kataoka S., Horita T., Tanaka M., Tomita R., Nakajima M.

Télécharger le document (3227-3230.pdf)

Application of a Method to Accelerate Granulated Blast Furnace Slag Solidification

Kikuchi Y., Mizutani T.

Télécharger le document (3231-3234.pdf)

Building on an old landfill: design and construction

McIntosh G.W., Barthelmess A.J.

Télécharger le document (3235-3238.pdf)

Interpretation of mechanical behavior of cement-treated dredged soil based on soil skeleton structure

Nakano M., Sakai T.

Télécharger le document (3239-3242.pdf)

Utilization of waste copper slag as a substitute for sand in vertical sand drains and sand piles

Nawagamuwa U.P., Senanayake A., Rathnaweera T.

Télécharger le document (3243-3246.pdf)

Tools for Natural Hazard management in a Changing Climate

Rogbeck Y., Löfroth H., Rydell B., Andersson-Sköld Y.

Télécharger le document (3247-3250.pdf)

Experimental reinforced soil walls built with recycled construction and demolition waste (RCDW)

Santos E.C.G., Palmeira E.M.

Télécharger le document (3251-3254.pdf)

Comparing the properties of EPS and glass foam mixed with cement and sand

Teymur B., Tuncel E.Y., Ahmedov R.

Télécharger le document (3255-3258.pdf)

Geotechnical engineering and protection of environment and sustainable development

Vaníček M., Jirásko D., Vaníček I.

Télécharger le document (3259-3262.pdf)

Applicability of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Incineration Ash in Road Pavements Base

Vizcarra G., Szeliga L., Casagrande M., Motta L.

Télécharger le document (3263-3266.pdf)

Research Results of Fine-Grained Soil Stabilization Using Fly Ash from Serbian Electric Power Plants

Vukićević M., Maraš-Dragojević S., Jocković S., Marjanović M., Pujević V.

Télécharger le document (3267-3270.pdf)

Simplified Prediction of Changes in Shear Strength in Geotechnical Use of Drinking Water Sludge Road foundation construction using lightweight tyre bales

Watanabe Y., Komine H.

Télécharger le document (3271-3274.pdf)

Road foundation construction using lightweight tyre bales

Winter M.G.

Télécharger le document (3275-3278.pdf)

General report - Geotechnical problems of dikes (TC 201) and dams (TC 210)

Xu Z.

Télécharger le document (3281-3288.pdf)

Hydraulic failure of flood protection dykes

Brandl H., Szabo M.

Télécharger le document (3289-3292.pdf)

Prédiction du comportement de barrage en enrochement de grande taille à l’aide d’une modélisation tridimensionnelle

Chen Y., Fry J.-J., Laigle F., Vincens E., Froiio F.

Télécharger le document (3293-3296.pdf)

Slope stability of the Włocławek Dam frontal earth dam in the light of the modernisation works carried out in the period 2000-2011

Leszczynski M., Lipiecki B., Popielski P.

Télécharger le document (3297-3300.pdf)

Deformation safety of high concrete face rockfill dams

Li N., Wang J., Mi Z., Li D.

Télécharger le document (3301-3304.pdf)

Safety of a protection levee under rapid drawdown conditions. Coupled analysis of transient seepage and stability

López-Acosta N.P., Fuente de la H.A., Auvinet G.

Télécharger le document (3305-3308.pdf)

Some Technical Aspects of the Tailing Dam Failure at the Ajka Red Mud Reservoirs

Mecsi J.

Télécharger le document (3309-3312.pdf)

The Design of Filter Materials and their Importance in Geotechnical Engineering

Messerklinger S.

Télécharger le document (3313-3316.pdf)

Identification of erosion risk on the Isère and Drac river levees

Monnet J., Plé O., Nguyen D.M.

Télécharger le document (3317-3320.pdf)

Suffusion in compacted loessial silts. Interaction with granular filters

Terzariol R.E., Rocca R.J., Zeballos M.E.

Télécharger le document (3321-3324.pdf)

Predicting long-term settlements of coastal defences for the safeguard of the Venetian Lagoon

Tonni L., García Martínez M.F., Simonini P.

Télécharger le document (3325-3328.pdf)

Full scale field tests for strength assessment of peat

Zwanenburg C., Van M.A.

Télécharger le document (3329-3332.pdf)

General Report TCs 307+212 - Thermal Geomechanics with Emphasis on Geothermal Energy

Puppala A.J., Choudhury D., Basu D.

Télécharger le document (3335-3342.pdf)

Numerical Modelling of Ground Heat Exchangers with Different Ground Loop Configurations for Direct Geothermal Applications

Bidarmaghz A., Narsilio G., Johnston I.

Télécharger le document (3343-3346.pdf)

The response of energy foundations under thermo-mechanical loading

Bodas Freitas T.M., Cruz Silva F., Bourne-Webb P.J.

Télécharger le document (3347-3350.pdf)

Large Thermal Energy Storage at Marstal District Heating

Dannemand Andersen J., Bødker L., Jensen M.V.

Télécharger le document (3351-3354.pdf)

Combination of borehole heat exchangers and air sparging to increase geothermal efficiency

Grabe J., Menzel F., Ma X.

Télécharger le document (3355-3358.pdf)

Geothermal Heat PipeBorehole Heat-Exchangers: Computational Simulation and Analysis of Measurement Data

Katzenbach R., Clauss F.

Télécharger le document (3359-3362.pdf)

Analysis of the freeze thaw performance of geothermal heat exchanger borehole grout materials

Katzenbach R., Clauss F., Rochée S.

Télécharger le document (3363-3366.pdf)

Thermal influences on swelling pressure and swelling deformation of bentonites and investigation of its factors

Komine H.

Télécharger le document (3367-3370.pdf)

Performance of Piled Foundations Used as Heat Exchangers

Loveridge F., Powrie W.

Télécharger le document (3371-3374.pdf)

Measuring soil thermal properties for use in energy foundation design

Low J.E., Loveridge F.A., Powrie W.

Télécharger le document (3375-3378.pdf)

Thermo-Mechanical Behavior of Energy Foundations

McCartney J.S., Murphy J.S., Stewart M.A.

Télécharger le document (3379-3382.pdf)

Thermal pressurization in Boom clay

Monfared M., Delage P., Sulem J., Mohajerani M., Tang A.M.

Télécharger le document (3383-3386.pdf)

Effect of environmental conditions on the mechanical properties of geothermal well cement paste

Nauleau E., Martineau F., Kréziak C., Ghabezloo S.

Télécharger le document (3387-3390.pdf)

Development of a predictive framework for geothermal and geotechnical responses in cold regions experiencing climate change

Nishimura S., Jardine R.J., Fenton C.H., Olivilla S., Gens A., Martin C.J.

Télécharger le document (3391-3394.pdf)

An undrained upper bound solution for the face stability of tunnels reinforced by micropiles

Pinyol N.M., Alonso E.E.

Télécharger le document (3395-3398.pdf)

Numerical simulation of the process of geothermal low-potential ground energy extraction in Perm region (Russia)

Ponomaryov A., Zakharov A.

Télécharger le document (3399-3402.pdf)

Determination of the thermal parameters of a clay from heating cell tests

Romero E., Lima A., Gens A., Vaunat J., Li X.L.

Télécharger le document (3403-3406.pdf)

Discussions about the bearing capacity of geothermal piles

Suryatriyastuti M., Mroueh H., Burlon S., Habert J.

Télécharger le document (3407-3410.pdf)

One-dimensional compressive behaviour of reconstituted clays under high temperature and small strain rate

Tsutsumi A., Tanaka H.

Télécharger le document (3411-3414.pdf)

Field Investgation of a geothermal energy pile: Initial Observations

Wang B., Bouazza A., Singh R.M., Barry-Macaulay D., Haberfield C., Chapman G., Baycan S.

Télécharger le document (3415-3418.pdf)

THM simulations for laboratory heating test and real-scale field test

Xiong Y.L., Zhang F., Nishimura T., Kurimoto Y.

Télécharger le document (3419-3422.pdf)

New Developments in near-surface geothermal energy systems

Ziegler M., Kürten S.

Télécharger le document (3423-3426.pdf)

Understanding the effects of high temperature processes on the engineering properties of soils

Zihms S.G., Switzer C., Karstunen M., Tarantino A.

Télécharger le document (3427-3430.pdf)

General Report - Shallow foundations

Zerhouni M.I., Demay B.

Télécharger le document (3433-3438.pdf)

Bearing capacity of shallow foundation under eccentrically inclined load

Atalar C., Patra C.R., Das B.M., Sivakugan N.

Télécharger le document (3439-3442.pdf)

Estimating settlements of footings in sands – a probabilistic approach

Bungenstab F.C., Bicalho K.V., Ribeiro R.C.H., Aoki R.C.H.

Télécharger le document (3443-3446.pdf)

Settlement velocity measured over ten years in major-scale shallow foundations on a preloaded 20-m thick silty alluvial layer

Dapena E., Román F., Pardo de Santayana F., Cuéllar V.

Télécharger le document (3447-3450.pdf)

Combined massive and plate foundations under machines with dynamic loadings

Kirichek Y., Bolshakov V.

Télécharger le document (3451-3454.pdf)

Settlements Under Footings on Rammed Aggregate Piers

Kuruoglu O., Horoz A., Erol O.

Télécharger le document (3455-3458.pdf)

Interaction of Nearby Strip Footings Under Inclined Loading

Nainegali L.S., Ghosh P., Basudhar P.K.

Télécharger le document (3459-3462.pdf)

Over a decade of experience with computer aided learning in geotechnical engineering

Springman S.M., Herzog R., Seward L.

Télécharger le document (3463-3466.pdf)

Predicting Settlements of Shallow Footings on Granular Soil Using Nonlinear Dynamic Soil Properties

Stokoe K.H., Kacar O., Van Pelt J.

Télécharger le document (3467-3470.pdf)

Characterization of Model Uncertainty in Immediate Settlement Calculations for Spread Footings on Clays

Strahler A.W., Stuedlein A.W.

Télécharger le document (3471-3474.pdf)

Probalistic Assessment of the bearing Capacity of Shallow Strip Footings on Stiff-over-Soft Clay

Tian Y., Cassidy M.J., Uzielli M.

Télécharger le document (3475-3478.pdf)

Residual Soils and the Teaching of Soil Mechanics

Wesley L.D.

Télécharger le document (3479-3482.pdf)

Application of The Tangent Modulus Method in Nonlinear Settlement Analysis of Sand Foundation

Yang G.-H., Luo Y.-D., Zhang Y.-C., Wang E.-Q.

Télécharger le document (3483-3486.pdf)

Enhanced soil charaterization through advances in imaging technology

Ohm H.S, Hryciw R.D.

Télécharger le document (3491-3494.pdf)

Soil-Geosynthetic interface shear strength by simple and direct shear tests

Vieira C.S., Lopes M.L., Caldeira L.

Télécharger le document (3497-3500.pdf)

Modelling of wave-induced non linear dynamic soil response in vertical breakwaters foundation

Stickle M.M., Fuente de la P., Oteo C.

Télécharger le document (3503-3506.pdf)

look into time dependent behaviour of clays at macro and micro scale

Yigit I., Cinicioglu S.F.

Télécharger le document (3509-3512.pdf)

High speed railways earthworks maintenance

Talfumière V., Girier-Bichon C., Néel J.-B.

Télécharger le document (3515-3518.pdf)

Seismic design of restrained rigid walls

Yi F.

Télécharger le document (3521-3524.pdf)


Télécharger le document (6_01.pdf)

The Conference Program

Télécharger le document (6_02.pdf)

The Conference Committees

Télécharger le document (6_03.pdf)

Final communiqué from the 18th ICSMGE Organizing and Scientific Committees

V. Bernhardt, P. Delage, R. Frank, P. Mestat, J. Robert

Télécharger le document (6_04.pdf)

The Conference sponsors

Télécharger le document (6_05.pdf)

The Technical Exhibition

Télécharger le document (6_06.pdf)

Conference Photo gallery

Télécharger le document (6_07.pdf)

List of participants

Télécharger le document (6_08.pdf)

ISSMGE Awards Recipients at the Paris Conference 2013

Jean-Louis Briaud, Francois Schlosser, Esve Jacobs

Télécharger le document (6_09.pdf)

French Innovations in Geotechnics: The National Research Projects

F. Schlosser, C. Plumelle, R. Frank, A. Puech, H. Gonin, F. Rocher-Lacoste, B. Simon, C. Bernardini

Télécharger le document (6_10.pdf)

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at Sheraton Centre Toronto, Canada - Sunday, 2nd October 2011

Télécharger le document (6_11.pdf)

Minutes of the Council Meeting held at the Palais de Congrès, Paris, France - Sunday, 1st September 2013

Télécharger le document (6_12.pdf)

The 5th international Young Geotechnical Engineers’ Conference - iYGEC 2013

Yu-Jun CUI

Télécharger le document (6_13.pdf)

APPENDIX / 18th ICSMGE full detailed program booklet

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