Parrainées par le CFMS

28 Novembre 2017 - REX sur la norme des missions géotechniques (NF P94-500)
FNTP - 3 rue de Berri, 75008 PARIS - France

Cette demi-journée est organisée conjointement par : CFMS, FNTP-UMTM, SYNTEC INGENIERIE


  • 13H30   Accueil
  • 14H00   Intervention Maître d'ouvrage : Alban MARTINAT (WINDSOR)
  • 14H30   Intervention Maître d'œuvre : Roland PARROT (ARCADIS)
  • 15h00   Intervention Ingénierie géotechnique : Catherine JACQUARD (FONDASOL)
  • 15h30   Intervention Entreprise : Christian ALTAZIN (GTS)
  • 16H00   Pause café
  • 16h30   Intervention Contrôleur technique : Luis CARPINTEIRO (SOCOTEC)
  • 17h00   Intervention Assureur : Alexis BORMANS (SMABTP)
  • 17h30   Table ronde animée par Jacques ROBERT (ARCADIS)
                  intervenants, Jean DRIVET (TERRASOL) et échange avec  la salleI

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01-06 Septembre 2019 - The 17th European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering
Reykjavik - Iceland - Site web

The Icelandic Geotechnical Society, IGS, is enthusiastic about organizing this great event. IGS has hosted the Nordic Geotechnical Conference and will be the host for the next, NGM-2016 in Reyk javik. However, Iceland has never hosted the European Geotechnical Conference and it is with great pleasure that we welcome you in 2019.  

Iceland now enjoys increased popularity for conferences. Many major conferences have been held in the conference centre Harpa and both visitors and organizers have been very pleased with the facilities as can be seen here.

We offer our guests a venue unlike all others surrounded by inspiring nature. Iceland is one of the most geologically active locations in the world with volcanoes, lava fields, hot spots, earthquake activities, geothermal areas and glacial outburst. This has created both challenging geotechnical environment and magnificent scenery that you cannot find anywhere else in the world.